The BEST Romantic Getaway in the Midwest “Sybaris”

Post Sponsored by Sybaris

We have seen the commercial and heard the rumors about Sybaris, but a couple nights ago we had a wonderful romantic overnight stay.

On September 28th we had the pleasure of staying overnight at Sybaris in the Paradise Pool Suite. Upon check-in at the location in Indianapolis,IN we were greeted by the friendly guest services staff. They gave us a quick rundown of the amenities and details on items we can purchase to enhance our suite. We were also given a key card, key code for entrance, and asked some general questions. Guest are also required to sign a waiver.

Located in the lobby were gift baskets, robes, Karma Sutra items, games, and much much more for purchase which is very convenient and great for the overall guest experience. I had called in advance and ordered a bed of roses, massage candle, and chocolate covered strawberries to enhance our stay. Since we were celebrating my sweethearts accomplishments and his belated birthday the staff was kind enough to surprise us with a couple of extra goodies.

Here are some of the items that can be purchased to enhance your stay, at a reasonable price: (please ciick photo for larger view)

After checking in we drove back to our suite. While driving through the parking area we noticed each suite was a stand alone unit. The area was very quiet and private.

As we entered our suite directly across from the door was the bed covered in beautiful red roses. Above the bed was a solar light panel, and red lights. Mirrors lined the wall on each side of the bed and above the headboard . To my immediate right was the massage chair, cozy fireplace, night stand which contained two robes to wear during our stay, and a wall unit with the TV/Stereo unit. On the left was a private misting steamroom, a two person whirlpool tub, 15′ heated pool with jets, tropical waterfall, a cool tropical vacation mural, and a sitting area for two. There was a glass wall beween the bedroom and the pool area which we both enjoyed the view from either side.

Toward the back of the suite was a small kitchen area with a microwave, nice size refrigerator, ice carrier, wine glasses, wine opener, plenty of tea/coffee, and a coffee maker. There was also two double sinks and near the bathroom. Above the sink was toiletries, and two very nice towels made into seashells.

We both noticed how soft and clean the carpet was. We also noticed the basket of towels each rolled and tied up with a nice straw type string material. The suite was very clean.

Music was playing throughout the suite which increased the ambiance. We had the option to play our own music or tune into 106.7 which always plays all the best loves songs. The playlist consisted of the Isley Brothers, Jodeci, Shai, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few.

There were about 8-10 light switches to change up thelighting and set the mood. We decided as our source of lighting for the evening we would use the solar red lights above the bed and the light the from the pool area.

We slow danced in the center of the pool laughed and joked the evening away. Love was truly in the air.

Sybaris is a private club where guest are required to purchase a membership priced at $30 unless you have a referral card from a guest that is already a member. There is also a VIP membership for $110 that comes with a lot of awesome perks.

Here are some of the photo’s from our stay:

I recommend Sybaris to any couple looking for a wonderful private romantic getaway. Sybaris offers mid-day packages and overnight. Absolutely no kids allowed. Now head on over and book your couples romantic getaway. Let the guest service person know I referred you.

For pricing, suite information, and additional details please visit If there are any questions I can answer please feel free to ask me. Sybrais has five locations in the midwest.

Sybaris is running an amazing Facebook fan special for the month of October. Please visit for details you do not want to miss this deal.

“Sybaris provided me with a complimentary one overnight stay for my honest opinion. They did not require that I write this blog post, nor did they request it. I have written my honest opinion about how much I loved this getaway, and I would have been willing to pay for it out of my own pocket.”


38 thoughts on “The BEST Romantic Getaway in the Midwest “Sybaris”

  1. Another wonderful review Queen Thrifty and truly appreciated as our anniversary is rapidly approaching. I am still trying to plan something amazing and this is very helpful. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Oh my gosh I am soooo jealous! I have been dying to go here for years! Great review! Now I want to go even more! (P.s. can I just say how much it bites that that my little brother has already gone here while I, a married momma to 3, have yet to afford it? Lol)

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  3. I’ve never been to the Sybaris before but I know that there are a few locations here in Illinois. That room looks like a mini vacation without going outside. Awesome pictures, it definitely looks like a place I would go on my next romantic getaway.

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