Detomaso MILANO Chronograph

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The Detomaso MILANO Chronograph is sleek distinctly for a man with a sense of style and taste. An elegant and sophisticated appearance, but is versatile perfect to be worn in sports, business or everyday life. I loved that it also had a stop watch also.The Chrongraph is water resistant so head on out for a swim, shallow diving, yachting,and showering without any worries. The Chronograph comes in varies designs, but reflects the personality of the wearer. 

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The time, weekday, and date appear clearly and can be read with a quick glance. The day appearance in the lower right hand. There is also a separate second hand. In the dark the hands glow in a light green mint color.The glass is made of mineral crystal. The barrel has an engaging appearance that compliments the Chronograph from any angle. The logo sits in the center where the hands meet. The case is stainless steel and has a lot of external details markings that add sophistication to the watches overall appearance.The case is only about 14mm thick with the name Detomaso around the side. The logo also apears at the notch for 12:00.


The strap is made from quality leather and has the name Detomaso engraved inside a very uniqiue design and is about 20mm thick. The stitching is very discreet on the outside.

The Detomaso MILANO Chronograph is very light on the wrist if the wearer. 

The clasp is black with the logo on the top. The reserved, traditional DETOMASO Milano is exceptionally clear.

The Detomaso MILANO Chronograph is a perfect gift and can be purchased on or at any of these

“Detomaso provided me with the Chronograph to review. The opinions I shared about the Chronograph are my own, and Detomoso did not tell me what to say or how to say it.” I have written my honest opinion. I would have purchased this item out of my own pocket.”


26 thoughts on “Detomaso MILANO Chronograph

  1. The Detmoso watch looks absolutely gorgeous & I am in love with that beautiful color. Such a stylish watch which my husband would love to wear. Would be an ideal gift for him during Christmas.


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