Vinrella Umbrella in a Bottle Review and Giveaway


At Vinrella we make umbrellas, and rain accessories that are modern and trendy. Our umbrella in a bottle will keep you and all of your belongings dry.

About Vinrella

Vinrella began as a family duo, an enterprising mom and creative daughter out of Texas. As we always say, just two ladies at home designing umbrellas! We set out with a vision that an umbrella could become something more through the use of great design. The idea was to reinvent an age- old item into a new, more modern, fashion accessory and gift item.

Like the plume of a peacock, Vinrella offers a sense of intrigue. What lies inside is an unlikely discovery. When we first revealed Vinrella to friends and others, they all shared the same response – surprise and delight. With this encouragement, we set about building a brand, creating appealing designs, and generating buzz and excitement around the product. We hope you enjoy your Vinrella!

Vinrella is the newest on-trend design for an umbrella around. Any traditional umbrella will shield you from outdoor conditions, but Vinrella does it in style. The sleek, high-quality design of our product won’t let you down. Remember that there are lots of copy cats out there, but we are the first true American company reinventing the umbrella.

My Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Vinrella; I love the unique bold design of the Umbrella in a bottle. This modern rain/shade protection accessory comes in 14 different design patterns and colors. I would have never imagined purchasing my best friend an umbrella as a gift, but that was until I came across the Vinrella. Inside the beautifully designed bottle is a traditional umbrella with an amazing design. What makes the Vinrella unique is that you can slide the umbrella back in the bottle after use without a mess. It fits perfectly in your purse or tote bag. The weight is just under 1lb; the Vinrella is an amazing gift item to purchase for this upcoming holiday season.

Before I show you how the Vinrella works here are some facts on the product:

• It is fully functional rain/shade umbrella, manual open
• Has a strong frame made of black powder coated steel
• The umbrella is a 3 fold with 24 ribs
• The Fabric is 100% Polyester

Here’s how it works:

Video Credit: Dini

Vinrella is constantly in motion with new ideas and I can’t wait to continue their journey. Feel free to visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

One of my wonderful winners will win there very own Vinrella. Here’s how to enter: Visit the Vinrella site then comment below which design is your favorite. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 13th at 9am EST. Vinrella will ship the product directly to the winner. GOOD LUCK!

FTC-This giveaway is sponsored by Vinrella. The review is 100% my opinion.


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