The Jungle Book Activity Sheets

Now In Theaters “The Jungle Book”

Movie Magic Fun Facts &

  • The team at Moving Picture Company (MPC) were responsible for animating more than 70 species, crafting 100 million leaves and simulating earth, fire and water. A team of more than 800 computer graphics artists spent more than a year on the project.

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  • BUILDING A JUNGLE – Artists digitally built most of the jungle environment that appears in the film, creating moss, bark, rock, water, grass, trees, leaves that were all inspired by their real-life counterparts in India. The virtual environment makes up 80 percent of the film frame 100 percent of the time.

  • PLACES, PLEASE – Filmmakers utilized motion capture technology to help them visualize the entire film prior to live-action production kicking off. The process involves special body suits adorned with dots that translate into the computer. Even director Jon Favreau suited up for select scenes.

Here some fun activities sheets to keep the kids busy! 


Click here to downloadthejunglebook_pdf_56cfaa15196e5


Click here to download:thejunglebook_pdf_56cfa9e3815f3

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28 thoughts on “The Jungle Book Activity Sheets

  1. These are all amazing! I love having activities for kids and it’s always nice when it’s related to something that they like as well. These jungle book activity pages are awesome!


  2. The Jungle Book has been making news lately & my kids are very much excited to watch it already. I just love these activity sheets so much which could keep kids engaged with lots of fun all around.


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