Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale Review


Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale has 4 major perks I look for when purchasing a bath scale it measures accurately:



Body WeightBody Fat
Body Muscle
Bone & Hydration

Knowing each of these measurements allow you to tailor your workout and your eatting habits to achieve your goal weight or just monitor your health.The technology is way better than your traditional scale where you can only check your weight with uncertainty it is correct. The scale is extremely advanced with memory technology for up to 8 profiles that stores weight, gender, height, and age data so that your family members can each track their own progress. When you step on the scale it automatically turns on. This scale calculates body weight up to 440lbs.

The screen is high-contrast LCD with blue digits which allows easy visibility of your results. There are 4 touch buttons that make it so easy to opearate the scale. I recommend this product hands down the best out there.

Disclosure:This product was sponsored for review purposes only, without any financial compensation. I have provided my honest opinion of the product based on my experience.

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