Zak Play Tumbler w/Bluetooth Speaker Review & Father’s Day Giveaway

Grab your very own Zak Play Stainless Steel Tumbler w/Bluetooth Speaker Sync and share your music while you’re on the move–this two-in-one tumbler has a removable speaker built into the base. You can keep your playlist front and center without needing an extra hand for a separate wireless speaker, and pump it up even further with the integrated lights that flash while music is playing. The Zak Play comes in two different designs.

The 17.5-ounce Zak Play Stainless Steel Tumbler pictured above and the 18 oz. below has the removable speaker in base lets you enjoy your music and beverage at the same time. Checkout the integrated speaker lights flash when music is playing. The recharge time is fairly quick less than to hours by using the included USB charging cable. I was able to connect the speaker to my laptop, cellphone, and iPad since it’s compatible with any Bluetooth device. I’m clumsy and I love ice cold drinks I love vacuum insulation which keeps drinks cold for longer and prevents condensation. I’m also fan of durable stainless steel, BPA free drinkware, and I prefer to hand wash all of which apply to the Zak Play Tumbler.


I love the speaker quality and the battery time. I’m excited to take the Zak Play on trips with me since I usually transport a much larger speaker and my water bottle separate.

Who is Zak Designs?

zak! is a problem-solving company, and we approach our solutions using the inspiration around us. Surrounded by the green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, we’ve taken steps to lessen our environmental impact with renewable and recycled materials, leading to several creatively appealing dinnerware collections. During sports games and city-wide events like Bloomsday and Hoopfest, athletes can stay hydrated with a water bottle that has won multiple awards for its innovative water intake-tracking design. We see something as routine as a daily commute, and engineer our travel tumblers to keep it clean and convenient.

zak! designs is always on the edge of something new, and after more than 40 years of looking past traditional mealtimes, we have quite a few accomplishments to our name. Whether you’re looking for a trendy pattern, an interesting design feature, or a character from a favorite show, our collection of products has something to make everyone smile.

Your Chance to Win The 18 oz. Zak Play Stainless Steal Tumbler.

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