Winter Blues Got You Down? 8 Products to Put a Smile on your Face

Why does winter make us feel so . . . blah?! Whether it’s the cold weather, the long nights, or maybe your audience is just hangry from trying to keep those New Year’s Resolutions, here are eight products to help put a smile on their face.

A Great Smelling Facial Oil: MÉRV Skincare

Price: $29.70 – $62.53

Nothing can kickstart your day like a fantastic smelling facial oil. MÉRV’s facial oils are lightweight and feel so good on your skin as your gently rub them in. They also hydrate and nourish your skin while reducing environmental harm. Made with replenishing and antioxidant-rich ingredients, MÉRV’s facial oils leave your skin refreshed, balanced, and naturally glowing. Use under sunscreen and tinted moisturizer.

A Great Glass: Well Told Designs

Price: Varies

No matter if your audience is going dry, sober curious, or still enjoying that adult beverage, nothing makes the drink tastier than a great glass. Well Told’s custom-etched drinkware are one-of-a-kind pieces etched with Well Told’s signature map designs; choose from college towns, home towns, cities, and topographies around the U.S. and the world. Available in Pint, Wine, and Champagne glasses, plus much more!

A Fantastic Snack: Top Seedz

Price: $7.99

Snacking is so much more fun when it’s both tasty AND good for you. Top Seedz handmade crackers are the “chameleon of crackers” as they can be served with anything yet are filled with wholesome ingredients and yummy seeds that have a slew of healthy benefits. Created on the belief that good food equals good performance, Top Seedz are gluten-free and vegan, and made from pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax seeds, all of which pack a punch. Choose from one of their 5 delicious flavors such as 6 Seed, Sea Salt, Rosemary and Cumin.

Mood Boosting Spray: Happy Lytes

Price: $7.25

Happy-Lytes is an electrolyte rejuvenating misting spray with the added bonus of 100% pure therapeutic grade Bergamot Essential Oil.  The Electrolytes, when breathed in, give the body a boost, while the Bergamot provides a natural mood boost!  

A Great Piece of Art: A Girl Like Me

Price: $20.00 and up

Nothing can boost one’s spirit like some great wall décor. A Girl Like Me art shows girls that they can be anything they want to be. Their mission is to flood the world with visuals of strong women in leadership positions & girls doing fantastical things so that females everywhere will know they can be anything they choose. “A Girl Like Me” shows women and girls breaking barriers and living dreams. With quotes like, “Not fragile like a flower, but fragile like a bomb” and “I didn’t wake up today to be mediocre” females will be reminded to celebrate their own fierceness and strength.

A Calming Bracelet: Moxie Malas 

Price: from $34.00 and up

Made from healing crystals, Moxie Malas jewelry balances the energy that’s dancing in our minds, so we become more calm and focused. Using crystals that are sourced from around the world, the bracelets are broken down into different categories, such as Love, Thrive and Personal Power, reminding the wearer that they are the best version of themselves. The bracelets also use the power of aromatherapy through the use of porous lava stones. Pure essential oils can be dropped directly onto the stone and worn throughout the day, uplifting one’s spirits. Moxie Malas are handcrafted in Minnesota using only the highest quality of genuine semi-precious gemstones and crystals which are picked based on their own unique healing energies.

Burning Extra Energy: Stomp Rocket

Price: $5.99 – $29.99

Be a kid again (or go outside with your own kids) and run, jump, and STOMP on the Original Stomp Rocket. Just set up the base and STOMP to see the rockets fly. Get your laugh on as you compete for the highest rocket. And if the mini-me’s are with you, Stop Rocket helps teach STEM-based principles such as gravity, motion, and force.

Coloring: Color My Cookie

Price: Kit: $35

Who isn’t happy when they’re coloring?! Color My Cookie are paint-your-own cookie sets which come pre-iced with edible watercolors and sprinkles, making them the perfect canvas for your creativity. These shortbread cookies were the #1 seller in Color My Cookie’s Pastry Chef Sam Major’s retail bakery–soft, not too sweet, and utterly delicious! Available in themed sets, like the St. Patty’s one featured here. 

Every Color My Cookie set includes:

-Six cookies to decorate

-Edible palette with edible watercolors, icing, sprinkles, & edible glitter

-Two paint brushes

-Two cups–one for water, one for sprinkles

-A link to an online cookie decorating tutorial taught by a real pastry chef! 

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