Easy Halloween Décor For Any Spooky Event

It’s the first week of October and it’s time to start brainstorming your Halloween festivities! TheSoul Publishing’s popular 5 Minute Crafts YouTube channel shares a video of quick and creative DIY decorations that need minimal effort. The simplicity of it all is sure to get you and your company into the Halloween spirit! I’ve listed a few below:

  • With only a glow stick and a mason jar you can create spooky lanterns to put either inside or outside of your home! Decorate your mason jar, pour the glow stick liquid inside and watch your art light up.

  • Create eerie candles that are safe for your Halloween gathering by spray painting empty paper towel rolls black and topping them with flame tea light candle lamps. For an added effect, use a hot glue gun on the top edge of the rolls to mimic hot wax dripping!

  • Hosting an adult party with cocktails? Freeze some spine-chilling Halloween trinkets in an ice tray and add to your drinks! Stay tuned and watch your guests’ reactions!

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