How Did Jane Fonda and Peggy Holmes Get Involved With Movie “Luck”

From Apple Original Films comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world, who when she stumbles into the never-before-seen Land of Luck, sets out on a quest to bring some good luck home for her best friend. But with humans not allowed, her only chance is teaming up with the magical creatures who live there to do it. “Luck” is produced by Skydance Animation.

I recently attended a roundtable interview with Peggy Holmes with us and the iconic and legendary actors, Jane Fonda to discuss the film “Luck”. One of my favorite highlights was learning how they both got involved with the film (no spoilers),

How did Peggy and Jane ger involved in LUCK?

Jane: I have wanted to get into voicing animation for a long, long time. I love animated movies. I always have. I grew up on the early Disney movies I’ve I did a few episodes on a Simpsons. I did some episodes on Disney’s Eleanor series that they did. This is my first feature animation and it’s for Skydance and I love Skydancc.

I felt secure with the executives at Skydance. A dragon, who’s the CEO of LUCK who wouldn’t wanna do that. Then I got a chance to talk to Peggy and the animation people early on in the process. So, you know, I got a chance to have a little bit of influence on aspects of the dragon of like her name. I wanted name to be “Babe”. So together with Peggy we came to get a sense of who Babe was, and it was just really a lot.

Peggy: We thought that was so awesome and so we invited Jane into a story meeting. We had the story artist actually pitch the sequences that the dragon was in so that Jane could. See how the whole story process goes and how we build a movie in animation. And while Jane, we were all on zoom, we made this movie over COVID and you could see Jane watch the story, artist drawing and start to bring those poses into her body.

Like I literally watched Jane start to inhabit this 40 foot dragon. And one of the stories Jane just talked about a little bit is Jane had the idea. What if I use my tail, like a giant boa and I take it around my body and put it up here near my shoulder. And we were like, yes, we wanna do that. So that’s a great, great example of sort of Jane being totally in 100% involved in sort of the creation of her character.

We loved it so much. And I just wanna say another thing when I spoke with Jane, he and I were lucky enough to sort of talk to Jane about the story. You know, Jane was really moved and I’ll never forget this about this idea that, you know, when you have bad luck in your life later in life, when you look back, you can see that maybe actually that was the luckiest thing that could have happened to me.

I remember Jane, you being very moved by that and just saying. That is absolutely true, you know, and if we can tell a story that could help people by sort of seeing that sometimes their bad luck might turn into something good. Jane was all about it. So we were super lucky that she wanted to join.

Cast & Crew

  • Jane Fonda

  • Whoopi Goldberg

  • Eva Noblezada

  • Simon Pegg

  • Flula Borg

  • Lil Rel Howery

  • Colin O’Donoghue

  • John Ratzenberger

  • Adelynn Spoon


  • Peggy Holmes


  • Kiel Murray


  • John Lasseter

  • David Ellison

  • Dana Goldberg

  • David Eisenmann

Luck” will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, August 5th

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