The Perfect Recipe To Score a Touchdown With Your Football Party

The Superbowl is in two weeks whether you’re tailgating or hosting friends to watch the big game on your HD TV, savory snacks and drinks go hand in hand with the game day experience. Continue reading


National Margarita Day Is 2/22/19 Grab These Refreshing Recipes

Grab these refreshing recipes and prepare your beverage menu the recommendations are on me!  February 22, we raise a glass to National Margarita Day. But before you reach for the limes and tequila, it’s our duty to help you celebrate accordingly with a few simple tips to elevate the most popular cocktail in the United States.

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Three Board Games My Friends Are Raving About

Board games can be expensive so I was determined to find three games my friend would rave about without breaking my bank account. Operation “Gatlinburg Game Night” was in full swing checkout what I came up with. Continue reading

The Best Sales This Week Update Your Home Or Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a good opportunity to shop for retail mark downs on towels, bedding and clothing (sweaters and coats also spring wardrobe items) in anticipation of spring, discounts tend to converge around MLK Day weekend. So here’s a round-up of deals and promo codes. Happy Deal Hunting! Continue reading

bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum Review

Thank goodness we have Bobi the bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum. After cleaning most of the house like a mad woman I’m exhausted when it’s time to clean the floors. Not anymore folks Bobbi cleans the floors while I straighten up each room leaving them spotless cleaning hard-to-reach areas. We let bObi Pet handle all the messy details.

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Dancing with the Stars: Live! – Light Up the Night” Tour Ticket Giveaway

I’m so excited Dancing with the Stars: Live! – Light Up the Night” Tour is making a stop here in Columbus, Ohio on January 30th at The Palace. Would you love to attend there’s a chance for one of my readers to win 2 tickets to attend the show that’s expected to sell out. Under 75 tickets remaining.
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Must Have Travel Gadget #techreview

Skyroam Solis is one of my favorite gadgets as Blogger having access to the internet is so important. With our busy travel schedule often to other countries I had to find a hotspot that would allow me to connect to WiFi on-the-go while traveling.

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Save Money On Wine Delivered To Your Doorstep Every Month Here’s $30 Off

Each month we receive our monthly wine subscription from the Winc Wine Club curated to our taste and expectations without going to store. Delivers come straight to our doorstep within a couple days of the order being processed and I must say we’ve been very happy with our selection.

“The proof is in the bottle” Forbes 2018

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Cleveland’s House of Blues Has Launched It’s BluesBusters Program

Extra…Extra…Read All About It!!!

Cleveland’s House of Blues has launched it’s BluesBusters program and it’s kicking off in a big way!

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