How To Save Money On Your Disney Cruise

What could be more fun than setting sail on a Disney Cruise? With more than a dozen destinations around the globe, there’s a Disney Cruise for everyone. Before you book, you’ll want to make sure you get the best cruise for your budget. The perfect time to book your Disney family cruise is now when new itineraries are released. The best rates are available for new cruisers 3/7/19 don’t miss out. If your not quite ready here are some tips to help you prepare.


1. Book Early

Booking 12-18 months in advance can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As ships fill up, prices increase, so booking before the boat nears capacity will keep your costs down. There are often huge financial incentives to re-booking while on-board. Booking with a travel agent can help you get the best deal. Disney may give the agents some shipboard credits to throw your way!

2. Wait Until the Last Minute

This tip is a little riskier, but if cruise liners are under-booked, you may be able to snag a discount by waiting until two weeks before departing time. If you live close to a port and don’t need to worry about airline tickets, this may be a great way for you to save on your trip!

3. Go in the Off-season

If you have some flexibility with vacation times, Fall months are usually the most affordable and least crowded on Disney Cruise Lines. Your travel agent will be able to give you the best times to book your cruise for certain ships and destinations.

4. Ask for an Inside Cabin

You just sleep in your room anyway, so why not save a bit of money by booking an inside room? On many of the ships, inside rooms have magic portholes with Disney characters floating by to keep them travelers from feeling closed in. There are also rooms that have restricted views that can save you a considerable amount as well.

5. Eat What You Paid For

Most of your meals and snacks are endless and covered except meals at some of the upscale restaurants on the ship. Drink all the soda and iced tea you’d like from the self-service drink stations, and enjoy the endless supply of ice cream. Eat some local cuisine at the port stops and feel free to enjoy a meal at the restaurants that have an up-charge, but for the most part, enjoy the provided meals and snacks. They’re great, and you’ll be happy with the savings!

6. Bring Your Own Adult Beverages

Guests who are 21 and older (or with parental consent when the legal drinking age is 18+ in certain countries) may bring up to two bottles of wine (750 mL or less) or six beers (12 ounces or less) on board at the beginning of the voyage and at each port of call. There is a corking fee to consume the wine in the dining room.

These six simple tips for how to save money on your Disney Cruise will help your trip be stress-free before departure and on-board.


51 thoughts on “How To Save Money On Your Disney Cruise

  1. I have been on 18 cruises, but never Disney because I can never rationalize the major price difference on Disney compared to others. Maybe I will find a last minute cruise one day!


    • I think the prices are good on the longer, repositioning cruises (Panama Canal or the transatlantic). Some things to consider, too, is if you like Disney, it’s the only cruise line with the Disney characters onboard. There is also a pirate night on most cruises with fireworks. The little Disney touches everywhere and the great service also make it worth a little money (in my opinion). And great shows!


  2. Great post and totally accurate! We went in Feb of 2015 and it probably goes without saying but this was by far THE BEST vacation ever! #6 (in my opinion) is the best tip! Lol this saved us so much money! Not that we were getting hammered but still, sitting by the pool all day every day and ordering drinks could have added up quickly!


  3. Oh the day I get on a Disney Cruise I will be so happy. I will keep your tips in mind for when that special day happens. Especially bringing my own booze and booking earlier on (which might be a challenge, we’ll see).


  4. These are great tips! We have been talking about taking our girls on a Disney cruise because everyone says they are AMAZING, but the prices have kept us from doing so. I will definitely share these with my hubby and maybe we start planning for next year.


  5. Love these tips! I would totally only eat the provided meals, why waste the money going elsewhere. That’s awesome that you can bring your own booze!


  6. These are great tips! I have looked at the Disney Cruises, and I wished that they offer Florida residents discounts like they do for Disney World. It’s just so pricey. We can go to the parks far cheaper for a whole week, than a cruise. Although a cruise would be amazing!


    • You do have to keep in mind that the cruise includes room, entertainment and food. Park tickets are just admission and the food may not be as fancy as you’d get on the cruise (depending on where you eat at the parks). I enjoy Disneyland and Disney World but my true passion and real love is for Disney Cruises.


  7. Thanks for the tips! Hopefully, we’ll be able to go on a Disney cruise one day. These tips will come in handy.


  8. Perfect timing! My family is thinking about going on a Disney cruise soon! Always looking to save a few dollars on traveling.


  9. I have been wanting to a a Disney cruise. My sister went on one recently and loved it. I think when the kids are a bit older we will take them. these are wonderful tips to save money! I know off season is great for any cruise line.


  10. These are great tips especially for trying to find a disney cruise. I always try to travel during the off season, being around to many people doesn’t make the trip enjoyable and I love saving money!!


  11. Thanks for sharing! Do you have a cruise tracker site you use? We’re thinking of going next year and I guess that means we should start looking at prices now. Thanks for the info!


    • There are certain food items you aren’t supposed to take off the ships, which may depend on the port/country, typically anything that is perishable has to stay on the ship or you can get a huge fine if the port security catch you taking it off. As they say on the cruise “don’t risk it for a biscuit!”


  12. It is funny you posted this because I just priced a Disney Cruise trip from NY and goodness sake it was a TON for our family. Granted it does take off this summer. I guess I need to look into things much earlier.


  13. These are some great tips for saving on a cruise in general!! I haven’t taken my kids on one yet, but I think when we do it’ll be a Disney cruise. There is just so much for kids and adults to do on one. I def agree with eating what you pay for. I don’t see the need to pay extra at certain places on food when the dining room is normally great.


  14. I love cruising but have never been on a Disney Cruise because I hear that it comes with a big price tag. I may have to bite the bullet one day because i hear great things. I agree eat as much as you want because its included in the price.


  15. Very good information for a person new to cruising. Cruising is really an inexpensive way to travel because you can still have a good time and only take advantage of what is included in your fare.


  16. Awesome tips! Someone just mentioned to me about taking a Disney Cruise and I would love too. I was just thinking about with everything else going how would I fit that into my budget. I will definitely look at these again and write out my plan to strategize so it can fit into my budget. Thanks for sharing!


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