Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee Using Your Alexa Device

Enjoy your morning cup with ease using the Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker, 2nd Gen. This sleek brewing machine links to Alexa and Google Assistant to respond to simple voice commands, so you can turn it off/on and check and change brewing strengths hands free. If you’re too far away to hear the coffee maker’s audible beeping once it’s done brewing, don’t worry. Push notifications sent to your phone will let you know the coffee’s ready. Plus, connecting it to WiFi is easy! Download the free Atomi Smart app to your phone, plug the machine in, and you’ll see the hot spot appear instantly. If connection is ever lost due to an outage, WiFi reconnects automatically. Built to last with a reinforced base and no-spill carafe sensor, this new Gen. coffee maker provides cup after cup of perfect java.

I fell love in with the Atomi Smart WiFi Smart Coffee when I recently had guest visit and I was able to brew a fresh pot of coffee with leaving my bed. The coffee maker is easy to store and takes up very little counter space. The brewing is very quiet and when it’s done it’s super easy to clean. It comes with a 12 cup no-spill carafe sensor. The filters are reusable. We connectex to Alexa and our Android after downloading the Atomi Smart app. The coffee maker stays on for 4 hours post-brew. However we’ve customized the settings to power of an hour after brewing. It was great and makes the perfect gift.

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