Easy Snowman Cinnamon Roll Recipe-Updated

I am excited to share this delicious, but super easy recipe with you. We love it and I’m certain you will too.

Cinnamon Roll Snowman
Level: Easy
Time: 25 minutes (including baking time)
Ingredients Needed:
1 can Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, 17.5 oz
1 can Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, 12.4 oz
Candy Eyeballs
Milk Chocolate Chips
Small Pretzel Sticks
Candy Corn


  • Open the can of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls, and remove one roll.

  • Begin unrolling the roll until it is slightly smaller than the other rolls in the can. Using a knife, cut the extra portion off, and roll it up and place it in the pan beside the newly sized roll. (There are 5 rolls in the can, so you could repeat this process with another roll, so that you have 3 large rolls, 2 medium sized rolls, and 2 tiny rolls formed from the portion youremoved. Or you can cut and resize all 5 rolls, reserving the small portionthat was removed to be used as the “head” of the snowman) Open the can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, and place in a separate pan. Bake both pans of cinnamon rolls per package instructions.

  • Once the cinnamon rolls are cooked, remove one large roll, and place at the bottom center of a plate. Place one of the slightly smaller rolls you resized right about the large roll. Place one of the rolls from the other pan (the 12.4 oz can) above the middle roll. Ice each roll with the icing provided.

  • Stick pretzel sticks into the middle roll at an angle to form arms.

  • Place the candy eyeballs on the top small roll, and stick a candy corn right below the eyes to be the nose. Make a mouth out of milk chocolate chips, and place 3 blueberry “buttons” down the middle of the middle roll.

    Serve immediately.

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