The Exclusive Interview With Benedict Wong “Wong” #DoctorStrangeEvent

WONG (Benedict Wong) The keeper of Kamar-Taj’s vast library of mystical tomes, the no-nonsense Wong is tasked with not only deciding who is worthy of studying from The Ancient One’s private collection but also protecting the sacred incantations from falling into the wrong hands. While quiet and unassuming, make no mistake if someone were to try to steal from Wong’s library, they’d have to get through him first.In LA recently along with 24 other amazing Bloggers I had the opportunity to interview Benedict Wong. He has an amazing personality that shines I love his sense of humor. He was thrilled about the interview and ready to chat about his role in the movie Doctor Strange. Without further delay here is the fun interview with the one and only Benedict Wong.


My memorable part of the interview was when Benedict Wong said “I feel like I’m a cog in a part of these amazing machines.  And everyone’s in it as well and special effects and the writing teams and everyone and the crew.  Everyone’s just putting so much energy into this and I’m just there to be a part of that”

What was your favorite moment behind the scenes?

Benedict Wong Response:

You know, for me I’m very thrilled to be a part of this incredible cast this magnitude of Marvel you know embarking on this incredible journey together.  For me I just feel like really ecstatic. Sometimes you know they’re just beautiful moments and you just kind of you just get that warm fuzzy feeling.  I think it was just a warm fuzzy Actor Production feeling.  I just thought Aw Wow what it’s culminated into something really wonderful and you know it’s kind of sort of a mixture sort of childhood dreams to sort of being in kind of the Marvel Universe.  Yeah, I was thrilled!


Do you have any comments and if you were, did you feel a lot of pressure from such an iconic role?

Benedict Wong Response:

I use to collect a lot of Marvel Comics I was always a big sort of Spider Man fan. My 3 go to were Comics were like “Amazing Spiderman” I just actually literally was always so crestfallen that there were no Asian Superheroes like where are the Super Asians.  It’s like why I have to simply get this by birthright, you know like Ancestors will not let me live this down.

Are you listening to a lot more Beyonce now?

Benedict Wong Response:

Just only in my quiet place.



If you could have any Super powers in the world, what would it be in real life?

Benedict Wong Response:

Oh wow super power you know I think this place really needs the power of understanding and I think I’d forego that from flying around and being invisible. 

You’re most memorable moment on scene, something funny or just seeing yourself.

Benedict Wong Response:

Just thinking back to, as I said before really when I was in England with Benedict and Chiwetel, it was like, you know, we were just looking at each other.  This is great just having this really sort of unified just working with you know once again. I personally feel like I’m the one that’s won the competition, you know.  Then hey you get to be in Dr. Strange and you get to work with these guys it’s like oh yeah we pay you as well oh right, great.  No, it’s fantastic!




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