‘Instant Regret’ Free Word Game Hits Campaign Trail

Free ‘He Said/She Said’ Edition of Fill-in-the-Blank Multiplayer App Invites Witty Wordplay.Do you follow the daily torrent of Clinton/Trump oratory with a mixture of horror and hilarity? Do catchphrases like “build a wall” and “a basket of deplorables” send you scrambling to your social media feeds to see the latest campaign-inspired memes?

 Then you’ll love Instant Regret ‘He Said/She Said’ Election 2016 – a free, fill-in-the-blank, interactive multiplayer word game from Blue Loop LLC that lets you skewer the candidates with wisecracking wordplay based on their own sound bites.

Whether it’s Clinton’s “We all know the story, but we usually focus on ____________” or Trump’s “We are going to win _____________ and make America great again,” simply complete the game’s incomplete sentences in the cleverest way you can – the more outrageous, cheeky or gut-splitting, the better.

Each game can accommodate 4 to 11 participating friends or strangers. One player is assigned to anonymously judge each round. Once that round’s winner is announced, play proceeds to the next round with a new judge. The first player to win 7 points wins the game.

Other features include:

  • The ability to invite friends via email, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

  • Cheat Points earned by sharing the game or completed game sentences on Facebook or Twitter, adding a strategy element by giving players the option to convert Cheat Points into game points to get a leg up on the competition.

  • Leaderboards and personal achievement badges that track the most-liked answers, players with the most likes received as well as the most points and most games won, and a variety of individual player milestones to help keep gameplay competitive.

Gameplay will be video-streamed on Twitch and YouTube beginning today, giving both players and observers a ringside seat to the repartee, the judging and the scoreboard.

Whether you’re a Trump supporter, a Clinton fan, or a sworn enemy of both, it’s a great way to defuse your election-related anxieties – not to mention show off your laser-sharp wit.

Instant Regret ‘He Said/She Said,’ a special Election 2016 edition of the original Instant Regret word game that launched earlier this year, is currently available exclusively for iPhones in the Apple App store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1153783332.

About Blue Loop LLC

Blue Loop LLC specializes in web and mobile apps and games. The company’s mission is to create value by developing, launching and growing new multiplatform, content-focused concepts and business ventures, carrying them from concept development and prototype construction all the way to production and commercialization. For more information, visit www.blueloopllc.com.

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