Cars 3 “No Spoilers” Review In Theaters June 16th #Cars3Event

No-spoilers review post.

The new Cars 3 movie will capture the hearts of movie-goers everywhere despite your age. Feature director Brian Fee did an amazing job carrying on the tradition by tying in a creative decision that fits perfectly with the theme of accepting change and adjusting to a new direction. Cars 3 is a film for the entire family with a blend of solid storytelling and a twist of female empowerment! The perfect joyride that struck a nerve of motivation for me I left the theater in smiles.

Cars 3 shows us the importance of learning how to give up your ego to help someone else achieve their dreams. Often we ask ourselves these three questions Is giving up the right way? Can I do this if no I am still good enough? What can I expect for the future if this happens to me? All three of the questions were asked and answered in the movie Cars 3.


 I fell in love with Cristela Alonzo and Armie Hammer as unconventional trainer Cruz Ramirez and next-gen racer Jackson Storm, respectively. Cruz Ramirez was spunky, but fierce for a non-traditional fitness instructor at the Rusteze Racing Center. Cruz’s character was also brilliant, witty, and determined. Jackson Storm very sure of himself, fast, sleek and ready to race was one character in real life we would love to hate because of his overall demeanor appearing at times in the movie to be arrogance. A new frontrunner in the next generation of racers that was determined to redefine the sport of racing due to his unmatched speed. Jackson Storm was built to be unbeatable, but I love the charisma his character brought to the movie.


The new generation of blazing-fast racers brought excitement to the film the imagination of the audience as we all waited to see what was going to happen next. The legendary Lightning McQueen is determined to stay in the game and will not be pushed from the sport he loves. Will the legendary #95 prove he isn’t through yet and compete for the championship trophy at the Piston Cup Race? You will have to head to theaters on June 16th to find out!


Cars 3  pays homage to NASCAR with four characters based on real-life stock car racing legends. Chris Cooper (“AdaptaƟ on,” “American Beauty”) voices Doc Hudson’s crew chief Smokey; team owner and NASCAR racing legend Junior Johnson lends his voice to Junior “Midnight” Moon; three-Ɵ me Emmy® winner Margo MarƟ ndale (FX’s “The Americans,” FX’s “JusƟfi ed,” Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete”) provides the voice of Louise Barnstormer” Nash; and Isiah Whitlock Jr. (HBO’s “The Wire,” “Cedar Rapids,” HBO’s “Veep”) is the voice of River ScoƩ . The film also features NASCAR drivers and the voices behind the sport, as well as a host of returning characters from Radiator Springs and the “Cars” racing world.

15 thoughts on “Cars 3 “No Spoilers” Review In Theaters June 16th #Cars3Event

  1. I am so excited to see this movie, as is my husband. We sadly may not make it to the actual theatre and will have to wait until it comes out but we just love the whole Cars franchise and it looks as if this one won’t disappoint!


  2. My son is a big fan of Cars so I cant wait for him to see this movie!!! He screams and jumps up and down every time we see the trailer for the movie!


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