“Tipsy Tradewinds” Cocktail Recipe”

This is sponsored post, but 100% my opinion without bias.

There’s a drink for every mood or occasion. Think outside the glass and try something new. Your new favorite could be a few ice cubes with a shake or stir away. After a long week, it is always important to take some time for yourself and relax. I love to whip up this delicious, refreshing, and lip-licking cocktail.

I noticed that tea makes an appearance in a lot of cocktail recipes served warm, flavorful, or spiked. The best part about a tea cocktail is that it can be customized by choosing one type of tea or another or by adding a few extra ingredients. Please note not all tea flavors will work in every drink, but for the most part, the choice of tea is open to your interpretation.



Did you know there are some ice tea cocktail recipes that are so darn good, we wouldn’t mind a sip or two during any season of the year? I love preparing drinks that are easy to make at home and require only a few steps since I have no previous drink-making experience. Step your tea game up — the “Tipsy Tradewinds” cocktail will set a positive tone for your evening and kick off your weekend without a hitch. This recipe gives a whole new meaning to tea time. It can be enjoyed with or without alcohol but requires one of my favorites: Tradewinds Sweet Tea. Tradewinds Tea is the perfect adult beverage to add your own twist to and voilà — cheers! Master the recipe in just four simple steps:


1.Put your glasses in the freezer 15 minutes before preparing the cocktail.

2.Pour 4 oz. of Tradewinds Sweet Tea into your drink shaker then combine 1oz. of vodka along with a couple of ice cubes.

3.Shake or stir.

4 Sip and enjoy #momenttosavior


12 thoughts on ““Tipsy Tradewinds” Cocktail Recipe”

  1. We still have a few warmer days coming before the cold weather starts. This tea cocktail would make a refreshing treat to sip on the porch after the little ones go to bed. 😉


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