An Exclusive Interview With #MadsMikkelsen #DoctorStrangeEvent

I know many of my Mads Mikkelsen fans have been patiently awaiting the exclusive interview that took place in LA recently with me and 24 other amazing Bloggers. For me this was a dream I am a huge. Mads Mikkelsen plays the character “Kaecilius” Like many students at Kamar-Taj, Kaecilius arrived at the mystical compound seeking the secrets of The Multiverse.

He turned his back on The Ancient One and her teachings when he believed certain knowledge was being kept from him. Here is the exclusive interview with Mads Mikkelsen.

 Will you be collecting yourself as a toy figure?

 “I’ve been waiting 51 years for that so I think yes.”

 Do you prefer the villain to collect or the superhero? What’s your favorite?

 “I wouldn’t mind playing this character I mean not saying he’s doing a job on that. So I’ll take the villain. I mean in terms of playing characters I think that any good hero or any good villain has to be interesting having both sides of the coin. I think that’s exactly what Marvel always does, right?”

 Which was your favorite scene to shoot?

 “It was quite a few scenes that I loved shooting, but I, the, the great encounter I have with Benedict, which starts out with a long fight and ends up with me like that making the speech that, that makes a lot of sense. I mean he’s onto something. He has a point I thought that, that was a brilliant sequence to do.”


When was the first time you saw yourself in makeup, costume, everything?

 “It it was fantastic I mean we went to do some of the tests and w e were doing the makeup I insisted on can I bring the costume and have it on when we do the makeup? Just to see you know how it looks together right? They were spot on. We were sitting in there for hours trying out this makeup and I was like “Oh god” do I really wanna do this every day? [LAUGHS] You know? Then it turned out so fantastic I was like yeah that’s it. Three hours every day we’ll do it’s worth it really.” 

How does it feel to not only have your name cemented in Marvel universe, but also the Star Wars Universe?

 “It seems appropriate it feels fantastic. I mean who started out acting 20 years ago back home a late starter I never imagined that I would work in in America at all. A little less that I would work in a Marvel film so it feels as if I’m a very fortunate person.”


How do you tap into being a villain?

      Well it’s obviously in the script somewhere and you lean into the script. For me the script is always the most important tool from there I’ll develop the character with the director of course.  

What’s next for you?

 “Actually, just this doing the press and promotion on this then as you probably know in a couple of weeks three weeks we have Star Wars coming out so I’m like that they own me.

 Your costume itself seemed like it was pretty heavy with a lot layers, did that cause any difficulties?


      It was quite heavy not crazy heavy, but it was it was not light. Obviously we just get in shape. Every day the more you were wearing it, the stronger you got. 

Do you have a ritual that helps you prepare before you go on the set? Something you have to do religiously every morning? 

It, it varies from the characters I’m playing, depending on what kind of energy they have, and what kind of scene they’re approaching. I will warm up it’s not a specific ritual, but I will try to get into that energy by myself somewhere in the corner. If it’s a different kind of scene where everybody’s having a good time I might spend a lot of time with the actors before we do it. But, but I often walk around in a corner somewhere.



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