Checkout The Safest Places To Visit In Mexico Before You Plan Your Vacation

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of rich history and fascinating culture. From bullfighting to chocolate and rabbits, Mexico is a varied country if you plan a trip to Mexico, make sure that you take steps to keep your family safe. You can do this by finding out which places are secure. The population in Mexico is 120,286,655 according to CIA World Factbook estimates. This North American country is between the United States and the Pacific Ocean. Spanish is the official language. Millions of tourists visit Mexico to learn more about its culture, its history, its attractions and its natural beauty. Travelers can find more information by visiting the Mexico Tourism Official Website. At this site, travelers receive accurate information about staying in Mexico and visiting the 31 states and the Federal District.

First, Monterrey is one of the safest cities in Mexico. According to the University of Miami International Educational Exchange and Programs Department, Monterrey is the third largest town in Mexico, and it is the “business capital” of Mexico. Monterrey is the home of four million Mexican citizens. The University of Miami students goes to Monterrey to study business at a top-notch Mexican University. The Waldorf College says that “Merida, Yucatan, Mexico is one of the most tranquil and safest cities in Mexico.” Thousands of Americans visit Mexico every year safely. In fact, 150,000 Americans cross the border every day to do business, study and tour Mexico.


Moreover, many travelers enjoy the cuisine, the weather, entertainment, beaches, golfing and other activities. To help you get ready for the trip, sign-up for the U.S. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Please fill out this form before you leave the United States. This program allows you to receive current information about security and travel issues in Mexico. You can also sign-up for this program at the US Embassy or consulate office. The U.S. Embassy is at Paseo de la Reforma 305, Colonia Cuauhtemoc. You can also call 011-52-55-5080-2000 or visit the U.S. Embassy Mexico website for more information. The Department of State does have travel warnings for Mexico, and they can help you find out which states are safe and which states are unsafe. Visit Travel.State.Gov for very accurate information about going to Mexico. Please remember that crime can occur anywhere and at any time.

Criminals spot tourists quickly in small towns try not to travel alone or at night. You should avoid the crowded market places, subways, and train stations. Stay away from high crime areas and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid driving at night. Drive on the major highways and try to avoid driving an SUV. Do not flag down taxi cabs. Do not get into arguments or confrontations with anyone during your visit. Safeguard your personal information. Stay away from public demonstrations and do not forget medications.


Many places are safe to visit in this country. In fact, some tourists say they feel safer in Sayulita than they do in America. Sayulita is an excellent vacation spot for couples and kids. You will find spectacular beaches, luxury hotels and tasty food to eat. Championship golf is also popular in this area in Sayulita. National Geographic featured Sayulita in one of its Photo of the Day section. You can get plenty of rest at the Hacienda San Angel boutique hotel. Here is a short list of other safe places in Mexico:

• Acapulco – Best spot for international travelers to visit the Pacific Ocean

• Puerto Vallarta – Cobblestone streets with beautiful mountains and glass towers

• Los Cabos – Luxury real estate market community with golf and sport fishing communities

• North Baja – Close ties to California and is accessible for deep-sea fishing and its wine industry

• Riviera Maya – World-class diving, fishing, beaches and near the Yucatan Peninsula

• San Miguel de A – Historic art and music community, family-oriented, horseback riding, and cultural sites

Furthermore, you and your family can go to water parks and campgrounds. Guadalajara has many fountains, parks, monuments, museums, and galleries. Schedule a hiking trip to one of the highest peaks in Mexico. The Pico de Orizaba is 18,405 feet about sea level. The top spot to visit is Cancun and people from all around the world visit this city. Towns and villages have shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, street food, boating, sailing and much more. Lastly, the weather is warm all the time. Have a ball and stay safe in Mexico.

8 thoughts on “Checkout The Safest Places To Visit In Mexico Before You Plan Your Vacation

  1. I have always wanted to visit Mexico. When I was in college, my Spanish professor sang praises for studying abroad in Mexico. I will admit, one of my concerns are the safety as a traveler to a new country. I think the safety tips you listed are very helpful for U.S. travelers. I also didn’t know Monterrey is one of the top safest cities in Mexico! Really good to know!


  2. Whoa, those are a lot of things to try to avoid. I think Mexico is beautiful to visit but I’d wait until things cool off a bit.


  3. Awesome post. All too often people allow fear to keep them from discovering beautiful destinations so thank you for sharing these wonderful highlights of Mexico.


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