An Exclusive Interview With The One & Only Benedict Cumberbatch #DoctorStrangeEvent

I recent had the opportunity to interview Benedict Cumberbatch in LA along with 24 other the Bloggers. I know you’re wondering if he’s as charming and handsome in person as he is in the movies the answer is YES!


The interview was all that I had hoped for and I had to soak up every moment. I mean not everyday do you get the opportunity to the meet Doctor Strange in person! The interview was hilarious and inspirational I know you’re eager to know what questions were asked and his response so I am not going to hold back any longer. In this post I have included my favorite highlights and responses from Benedict Cumberbatch during the interview. Now let’s dive into the exclusive abbreviated version of the interview with Benedict Cumberbatch.


 Wildest Thing You’d Love To See Your Character Do In Future Films

 Oh God, sky’s the limit I mean this guy defends you know our reality against other dimensions so it’s pretty hard to stop at one thing and obviously I know it might be a bit of a leering question I’d like to work with the Avengers movie.

Getting In and Out of Costume

 Oh, well I felt like a kid.  I mean it was just amazing.  It was the first proper moment when I thought, oh my God, I’m actually playing a superhero.  There’s nothing like it,  it was really, really giddy.  I mean we’d been trying little bits; well actually a lot of the costume on for about a month. There is a lot of the civilian stuff at the beginning, and this was a deterioration of that and his journey to Kamar-Taj and then with the costume proper just very slowing it’s grading up to what you see at the end of the film. Then there was the day when the cloak went on.  I just remember smiling like this.  You can’t contain yourself.  I never had this on my bucket list.  I mean not even this character, but not even being a superhero. I didn’t ever think one day I’ll be a superhero.  Or I’d like to try that.  As a kid I really enjoyed and as an audience member of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I just enjoyed being a part of watching it.  I never thought, oh yeah, I fancy a go at that. But the minute that cloak was on, I was like oh yeah, let’s get down to business!  Great fun! Great, great fun!  The other moment that was a really pinch yourself superhero moment I guess, was running down Fifth Avenue literally with the silhouette of the Empire State Building at one end, going that’s the building that people crafted storyboards and built these comics on paper at the very beginning of all of this.  I’m running along in red and blue, jumping, pretending to take off on Fifth Avenue.  It was amazing.


Visiting The Manhattan Café In Full Costume

It was brilliant it was the first time I’d had friends in America the first day we’d all been out all together on the set and it was madness there were more paparazzi than there was crew.  I just sort of thought this is getting also protective of the film just sort of downtime with friends I don’t really want just all the time being photographed.  It’s really distracting when you’re working and also when you want just to clock off for a second. So I said let’s just go somewhere.  Shall we just go somewhere and they went you’re in costume, you’ve got makeup on.  I went, yeah, but its New York, they’ll be fine with it. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened Sophie( wife on set) went I used to work around the corner at this little café I can’t believe we’re here.  Shall we try that one?


So we went in there and it was like hey guys, yeah, there wasn’t that reaction but there was this New York moment which was just out of Ghostbusters, when Rick Moranis is banging on the window going, please help me!  Help me and the dogs are chasing him.  They all turn around and sorta look at him then he squeaks down the glass and then they all go, anyway, as I was saying… just everything goes back to normal in like five minutes in New York.  So it really was that I ordered an Arnold Palmer, I sat down, got a little bit hot. My makeup artist wasn’t thrilled that was it.

Weirdest Moment On Set

At four o’clock in the morning in the middle of the scene where I was in a tuxedo, upside down, in a tank of water, in a Lamborghini.



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