Penny Savings Challenge How To Save $667.95 In One Year

Did you know you can save $667.95 in one year starting out with just one penny?

I was searching around last night when I came across the 365 Saving Challenge Chart on I immediately became excited and had to this awesome idea with my readers.


Since were 3 days in start your jar with $.03 and increase your invest each day by a penny. So tomorrow add $.04 and the following day add $.05.

With this savings plan the most you will invest in your jar on the last day of the year is $3.65 sounds great to me because your final tally should be a total savings of $667.95. You can also do this plan backwards meaning in reverse order making your first invest a little more and your last invest $.01.

Why not get the entire family involved! If you want a copy of this chart right click copy, click the photo save, or print.

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Be Frugal!

5 thoughts on “Penny Savings Challenge How To Save $667.95 In One Year

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  2. I really like this method and think I might try it. It would be really great to have saved that much money at the end of the year. It would be a nice way to get some holiday shopping done with dipping into our budget!


  3. I love this plan and the ease of saving it presents. I can definitely see the kids being able to accomplish this goal. We are always seeking to do something as a family; financial management is always a great opportunity. Although it is September, I see no reason not to begin our 365 days of savings now!

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