Director Dave Mullins & Cool Facts About “LOU”

LOU the heartwarming Disney short that plays right before Cars 3 has taken the hearts of everyone that has seen it. During the #Cars3Event we had an amazing opportunity to hear the inside scoop on the making of LOU while hanging out with Director Dave Mullins and Producer Dana Murray. When a toy-grabbing bully decides to ruin recess for the entire playground “LOU Lost and Found” box takes charge.LOU-image-1-1024x592.jpg
Dave Mullins worked on animation for movies such as Monsters Inc., Ratatouille, Cars, Inside Out, and The Good Dinosaur just to name a few. Since 2005 he’s been pitching short films and after eight years he finally gained the spotlight from Pixar. LOU however is the first short of his own that is on the big screen. John Lasseter looks for these elements in and Dave Mullins delivered on them all:
1. Growth Experience
2. Heart
3. New Setting
4. Character Flaw
5. Heart
6. Entertainment
7. Excitement
8. Animation

6 Fun Facts to Know About LOU
1.LOU was originally titled as Lost & Found.
2.LOU is the only red character in the film.
3.JJ is the bully’s name in the short film which stands for Joyce John who is the director’s mom.
4.The music comes from the composer of Frozen.
5.The playground is based from director’s Dave Mullins kid’s school playground.
6.Toys used in the film are timeless.’

I’ve seen many short films in my time, but hands down LOU is a favorite of mine the message in the film was clear and very relevant today. Dave Mullins did a fantastic job behind the scenes along with the Pixar folks to make this short everything in more.

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