An Exclusive Interview With One of the Greatest Director’s of All Times “Scott Derrickson” #DoctorStrangeEvent

“My biggest personal motive for making the movie is that I have two boys who are now, 13 and 10. They’re Marvel fans, huge Marvel fans. I wanted to make a movie that would surprise them, but also a movie that would leave an impression on them of what I think are some of the most important things you know in life.” Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson had eight interviews before he was offered the role as Director. He has an amazing eye for special effects and a leader when it comes to debunking stereotypes from modern times. During a recent interview in LA I could see his passion for directing. Scott Derrickson is one of the greatest Director’s of all times. Here are the three most memorable questions during the interview with the infamous Scott Derrickson.

About special effects, can you tell us just how much work went into that?

“A lot the visual effects took a long time developing them. It was one of the most creative parts of the whole process because the idea going into it was to use visual effects for a new reason than what you usually get in big event movies. In big event movies, even in Marvel movies special effects are usually used to destroy things. It’s about destroying cities because that’s what creates screen stimulus. I just felt committed to the idea of using those big expensive visual effects for something else, something new, something more interesting, and specifically, something trippy, and weird. Give the audience an unexpected experience.”



Is there any time that you guys thought about trying to update that something for the modern audience or was there always this kind of throwback to the 60’s?

“Well the 60’s comics were the primary influences for the movie for sure those early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics which were very much products of the 60’s and the 60’s psychedelic. The weird imagery of the movie is so rooted in the Steve Ditko artwork from that era. I listened to almost nothing but psychedelic rock from that era, while I was working on this screenplay. I mean that’s really why there is one Pink Floyd track in there that’s from the first Pink Floyd album back in their early psychedelic days. What I wanted to do was to not make a throwback movie or a nostalgic movie.  I didn’t want to try to go back and recapture the 60’s revolution feel, but I wanted to have that same mindset of open your mind, expand your mind, and see things new. You know look at a new aesthetic and, explore possibilities.”


Marvel All Rights Reserved

In talking to Tilda this morning she said to ask you about your choice in choosing a woman for “The Ancient One”.

“That choice was two-fold the first reason was because I was trying to find ways, creative ways, and positive ways, to escape the racial stereotypes from the original comics. You know they were products of the 60’s for good and bad those comics. “The Ancient One” and “Wong” those two characters were pretty offensive racial stereotypes by modern standards. Wong’s character I was able to completely reinvent. Everything about his character in the comics I just flipped on its head. Instead of a man servant he’s a master of the mystic arts. Instead of a sidekick he’s Strange’s intellectual mentor. You know so that was great.


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With “The Ancient One” I couldn’t really do that.  “The Ancient One” for origin story to work still had to be a magical, mystical, domineering, martial arts mentor, to Doctor Strange. When I came up with the idea in my head about Tilda doing it suddenly the role came to life and I wrote it without her knowing anything about the movie or knowing that I was interested in her doing it I wrote it for her and it was great.” 

Doctor Strange premiere’s in theaters worldwide 11/4.




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