How to Enjoy All Four Walt Disney World Parks In One Day! (Updated)

Planning a Walt Disney World Parks visit without kids make sure you have a travel agenda. With a super busy travel schedule, I typically can only squeeze in one day at Walt Disney Parks. To optimize our magical experience, I teamed up with WDW Fan Zone Contributor Lottie Ferguson to assist me with park hop plan. With her expertise, King Thrifty and I were able to tackle four parks in one day. We had and amazing time here is the entire agenda on how to enjoy all four Walt Disney Parks in one day the magic was endless.

Tips before you arrive at the gate:

1.Buy park tickets ahead of time.

2.Download My Disney Experience App & link your park tickets, preferably 30 days before your visit.

3.Make lunch reservations at Epcot.

4.Book evening Fast Passes at Hollywood Studios.

5.Check out park hours.

6.Purchase a refillable water bottle with a filter.

The day has arrived…

Start the day at the Magic Kingdom be there by rope drop (park opening) and ride one of the “mountains” Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain) or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Use your My Disney Experience app to check wait times and choose any other combination of rides. Stay in this park no more than three hours, grab a Mickey ice cream bar, churro or turkey leg and take a picture in front of the castle on your way out.


Upon exit, take the Monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). Early in the day, the Express Monorail will have a shorter line. Switch Monorail trains at the TTC and goes to Epcot. Ride Soarin, check out the World Showcase, eat lunch there (reservations, yay!). Spend no more than three hours here, but be sure to ride Spaceship Earth and take a picture in front before leaving.


Grab a bus and head to the Animal Kingdom. Once yu arrive head to the Ride Kilimanjaro Safari then stop by Tamu Tamu Refreshments  for a Dole Whip this location serves them with or without rum. Use the single rider line and have a blast on Expedition Everest. Check out some of the animal trails then take a break and enjoy the Festival of the Lion King. There are a few great counter service dining options here; Flame Tree Barbecue is the most popular. Eat a quick dinner, then take a picture in front of the Tree of Life before exiting. Visit this park no longer than 3 hours, leaving a minimum of one hour before park closing to avoid traffic.


Hop back on a bus and ride to Hollywood Studios. Use the Fast Passes you booked for Toy Story Midway Mania or Rockin Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror. Ride Star Tours and anything else time allows, but if your timing is right, two and a half hours in this park will be exactly what you need to take a bus back to the Magic Kingdom for Wishes or a boat ride back to Epcot just in time for Illuminations.


This plan is only good with the current 2017 parks schedule which may change at any time. Please let me know how your day goes I hope it’s filled with magic.


58 thoughts on “How to Enjoy All Four Walt Disney World Parks In One Day! (Updated)

  1. My day is going well, but it could always be better. Magic Kingdom is my favorite park, but I have not had the pleasure of riding the latest attraction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We might go this Spring since they brought back the Florida resident deal. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips for those who want to get multiple parks done in a day.


  2. Sis, I am tired just reading that! I thought I was a Disnerd and WDW expert, but you put me to shame! LOL. We go every other year, but I don’t think we have ever done more than two parks in one day. You give excellent advice and I am taking notes! We are going in September, so I better start my circuit training now! Thank you for the fantastic advice.


  3. We are hoping to celebrate my Godson’s 7th birthday at Disneyland. It has been his number one request. It will not be a kid free trip but the tips will be helpful. Thanks


  4. I have such amazing memories of going to Disney when we were children. And even fonder memories of visiting as an adult.

    You are absolutely right, planning is so important to make the most of your time, although I never seem to plan as much as I should. Great advice here I this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love Disney World. This plan seems full proof; you just need the nice big bed in the end to pass right out into a deep slumber after this crazy packed day! I am not sure I would be able to fit everything in. There is so much to see.


  6. Wooow that’s one hell of a day! Great planning! It’s on my bucket list to go there one day. I absolutely love the last photo!


  7. Wow, 4 parks in a day is an achievement! I managed only Hollywood Studios.when I visited Orlando. I did get to meet lots of characters though including Chewbacca and Darth Vader, my 2 year old was a little scared to say the least.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Great outfits! I don’t think I’ll be ever able to go there:(. But’ I’m sure that your tips are helpful for someone who’s planning to visit Disney World Parks:)


  9. This is really nice, it’s perfect for people who doesn’t have a lot of time to explore the four parks. I really appreciate your guide! You’re awesome!


  10. Wow that’s great! I can totally relate to wanting to make the most of your visits to theme parks. It can get super busy anytime of the year and having a plan is essential to make the best of the situation.


  11. I’ve never been to Disney land or park before but you have given my some great tips here and this is going to be fun. Hoepfully this summer is Disney park time!


  12. Sheesh I love Disney but 4 parks in one day! They will be wheeling me out the 2nd park lol. Unfortunately I believe my next visit will be with the kiddos, but I’ll have to try this without them


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