“This Christmas”Inspired Holiday Salted Stuffed Crepes Recipe

Welcome to the hop!  Today I’m joining with 25 talented bloggers to share with you all the wonderful crafts and recipes you can make this Christmas season.  Each of us found inspiration in some of the most beloved classic holiday films. Be sure to finish the hop all the way through to the end so you don’t miss any Christmas movie goodies!

 Side note:  If you are in the holiday spirit, you can visit this post about holiday traditions,
and this one with some adorable DIY holiday pillows.  

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I have an amazing recipe inspired by one of my favorite holiday movies “This Christmas”.  Christmas with the Whitfield’s was promised to be a holiday no one would ever forget. All the siblings came home for the first time in years and brought plenty of baggage with them. As the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family. The movie reminds me about the true meaning of family furthermore how a taste of soul food can really bring out the holiday spirit.

Check out this amazing Stuffed Salted Crepes holiday recipe I guarantee it will make your holiday dinner a grand slam.


Crepes ingredients:

2 eggs

1 table spoon butter

1 cup of flour                                                    

1/2 tea spoon salt

1 1/2 cups milk


Crepes Procedure :

In the small bowl, combine the dry ingredients (Flour and salt). In another bowl , add the eggs and the milk. Mix them together. Add butter (Room temperature), and the half of the milk. Mix together and after that add the half of the dry ingredients. Repeat this once more until all ingredients are finished. To bake the crepes, you need a pan, a cup to add the crepes dough in the pan and spatula to flip them. You don’t need to add anything on the pan, such as butter or oil. (Because you already have the butter inside the crepes dough).

 Mushroom ingredients:

black pepper (just a bit)

1 table spoon olive oil       

lemon juice

Mushroom procedure :

Preheat your oven in 356 degrees.

Wash your mushrooms first and dry them with a kitchen towel and remove the stem.

In a baking pan, add some olive oil salt, black pepper , 1 tea spoon lemon juice and put them in the oven. Bake the mushrooms for 15 minutes.

After the mushrooms are not hot anymore, we start to prepare the stuff for crepes.


 Get half or more, of the cooked mushrooms. (Depends how much you want to put in) and cut them in smaller pieces. Add some blue cheese crumbs (about 5% of the mushroom’s weight), 1 tea spoon of olive oil and start mix them. Composing the plate. You will need: pomegranates seeds, blue cheese. and dill.Separate pomegranates seeds in a container. Cut the blue cheese, in desired shapes. Get one crepes, place in the center 1 table spoon with stuff. Wrap the crepes (as shown in the picture), and bind it with 1 or 2 piece of dill. Place the crepes in the center of the plate and put some pomegranates seeds around. Get one whole mushroom and place over a little piece of blue cheese.



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