Cars 3 Red Carpet Premiere #Cars3

This past weekend I had the chance to experience a once and a lifetime opportunity. I attended the Cars 3 World Premiere Red Carpet Event in California.  It was beyond exciting and magical oh and cars, cars, cars! A-list celebrities joined in on the fun as we all made our way down the red carpet.  Let’s take a look at how the evening kicked off:

At the end of the carpet was the moment we all had been waiting for the world premiere movie screening of Cars 3. I grabbed my Cars 3 themed popcorn bucket and Sprite with Cruz on the label and headed to my seat in smiles. No I am not sharing my thoughts on the movie yet check back tomorrow for my Cars 3 review post. After the screening was an after party experience at Carsland located inside Disneyland.  There was food, music, and fun awaiting the guest as they arrived. More chances for photo’s were present throughout the evening as we all built memories that would last a lifetime. 


The night ended with a fantastic light showed at Disneyland called “World of Color.” An unforgettable animated and live-action films stream across an immense water “screen,”. To create the experience it required approximately 19,000 square-foot projection screen, nearly 1,200 fountains shoot water 200 feet into the air. Watch the water dance and the perfectly timed pyrotechnics explode! Quite the experience to close out a fantastic day. Disney pulled out of the stops and gave us all one fun filled enjoyable evening that will have many us reminiscing on for years to come.

Cars 3 drives into theaters June 16th



11 thoughts on “Cars 3 Red Carpet Premiere #Cars3

  1. How exciting, it looked like you had a blast meeting the celebrities and the celebration at the end. I didn’t see any kids at the event, which may have been cool as well..


  2. You look like you had an incredible time. Cars 3 is one of the kiddies most anticipated movies. I’m glad that Disney adds a little humor that parents can enjoy as well.


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