An Amazing Exclusive Interview With Tilda Swinton “The Ancient One” #DoctorStrangeEvent

Last week I shared two exclusive interviews from the cast of Doctor Strange,  Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams. Today I will share with the intimate interview with the amazing Tilda Swinton who plays “The Ancient One”. Tilda Swinton shared with us during her interview details about her costumes and her decision to be bald, the character she played, struggles she experienced while on the set, and reflections after seeing herself in the film for the first time. Ladies and gentlemen meet the one and only Tilda Swinton

‘Yes I’m a rad superhero myself, but I’m telling you – be authentic” Tilda Swinton


Costume Reflections and Her Decision to be Bald

 “Oh it’s such a great costume it’s like pajamas yeah really great and those beautiful color really wonderful.”

“Well it was my decision it was my suggestion we had several months of playing with options all sorts of weird wig ideas, all sorts of long lobe eventually it felt like less was more and I loved it.”


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The Ancient One in 2016 vs. the Original Comic Strip

“Well you know the comic strip was an Asian man, in fact, a very ancient Tibetan man living on the top of a mountain. The film script that I was given wasn’t an Asian man, so I wasn’t asked to play an Asian man. I was asked to play an ancient Celtic person. I think was a really cool move you know, to put a woman in the Marvel universe who’s not twenty-one and in a bikini. It was a good thing I think it’s important the idea of a Sorceress Supreme Being a woman. Then when he thought of an Asian woman he was worried that it would turn into a kind of dragon lady thing.  So anyways he’ll explain it better to you, but basically they kind of came through the wash, and ended up with me.”



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 Struggles with Her Role

“The only real struggle was casting spells learning all these amazing things with fingers, and then remembering what to say at the same time and then they would say so you have to put your hands there not there because the light is going to go makes a funny sound so that kind of mask but, was all good.”


 Thoughts after Seeing Herself on Film

“I was really; really happy I was so impressed with the way in which it turned out. I don’t know whether it’s the way in which it’s in this heightened universe and everybody looks like Marvel characters. We don’t really look like ourselves there’s something very smooth about everything, and that’s to do with the way it’s lit, and the way it’s designed.”


Doctor Strange premiere’s in theaters 11/4!



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