The Migraine Hat Review

“For 37 million Americans, migraines and migraine headaches can often be debilitating. With compression and ice, we can deliver that kind of relief so that the person can feel functional again.”  — Dr. Michael Bergstein, MD

I have had the chance to review and experience hands on a natural relief to comfort and relieve migraines. Over the years my sister and I have battled with migraines and often would miss work or school due the intolerable pain. Well folks I have an amazing product to share with you.

The Migraine Hat what’s include and brief description:

Migraine Hat
This hands-free, wearable ice pack is adjustable so you can wear tight for compression or loose for cooling relief.
Fully adjustable for kids and adults
Lined with neoprene to stay cold longer
Resembles a hat and can be worn on the go
Can be pulled down to block light and sound

Cryo-Gel Ice Pack
The Cryo-Gel Pack is both removable and reusable and made to remain flexible for maximum comfort. Uniquely designed compression chambers deliver targeted pressure where you need it most.

Drawstring Storage Bag
This special drawstring bag stores your Migraine Hat™ and Cryo-Gel ice packs right in your freezer, so they will always be ready when you need them.

My Experience Video:

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33 thoughts on “The Migraine Hat Review

  1. I suffer from migraines I just watched your video with about 30 other family members half also have this issue. I really appreciate your review it has given us hope that medicine is not the only answer. The product is also very affordable I plan to purchase two on Monday.


  2. Interesting product. I’ve never heard of it. My daughter and I suffer from migraines. She recently had her daith pierced and it has helped her tremendously. She has only had one migraine since Feb 11. Normally she was having at least once a week. This cap sounds like it would be good for lots of things. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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  3. I don’t have migraines but when l get a bad headache, a cold pack really helps, so l think l could get some good use out of this. I absolutely love the fact that you can wear it on the go. What a fantastic idea. Will check it out :-).


  4. Pretty interesting. I can see it being useful. My question to you is do you only use the cap when you experience migraines, or do you also take Tylenol or Advil to help out?


  5. I’m sorry that you have to deal with migraines as I know many people who do as well. I’m glad that you have found something that offers relief. Most people think that migraines are just a headache when in fact, it has to do with blood flow.


  6. This is so interesting! I do not have migraines I believe, but I experience severe headaches sometimes. I will check this out.


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