Printable Finding Dory Halloween Activities & Pumpkin Carving Instructions #FindingDoryBluray

I am excited I have some fun Finding Dory Halloween printables activity pages and pumpkin carving instructions.I recently had the opportunity to learn Finding Dory Pumpkin Carving tips from the one and only  master pumpkin carver, Joseph Yakovetic while in LA during a press junket.Yakovetic is a true renaissance man – taking that which is seen as common, and breathing into it new life and a uniquely fresh spirit. An award winning set and costume designer, his Disney creations include over fifty books, paper dolls, and coloring books, as well as sets, costumes and props for “The Little Mermaid On Ice” and various Resort attractions.

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How to carve a Finding Dory Pumpkin

Things to have on hand: 

  • Pumpkin Printer

  • Paper Pen or Pencil Graphite

  • Paper Paint Paint

  • Brush Light Straight Pins

  • Linocut Tool

  • Black Marker

  • CD

1. Cut graphite paper to the size of the stencil.

2. Position and pin stencil with graphite paper under it to the pumpkin.

3. Trace over the lines of the stencil with a ball point pen or pencil.

4. Remove pins, stencil and graphite paper from pumpkin.

5. Copy over graphite lines with a black marker where black is indicated.

6. Mix paint with water to create a translucent color and brush in the desired colors in appropriate areas.

7. When dry, use the linocut tool to etch out the white areas of the stencil (I.e. Whites of the eyes, the highlight in the pupil and around the outer edge of the character’s outline).

8. Cut a square in the back of the pumpkin large enough to fit a CD and your light source.

9. Use a CD to gut the pumpkin, using the edge of the CD to skin away the debris from inside the pumpkin.

10. Clean up any design areas that are revealed with the light, touch up black lines or colors.

11. Pumpkin is ready for display, be sure to place on a trivet or stand so the underside of the pumpkin can breath.

12. Place an LED candlelight inside your pumpkin, turn out the lights and enjoy!
TIPS: • NEVER use a candle inside the pumpkin or ever cut around the stem of the pumpkin. • Store the gutted and cleaned pumpkin in the refrigerator when not on display. it will last for a week or more. Do not cover in plastic as it may cause mold. If mold starts to form use the CD, to remove interior mold and spray with 50/50 water and bleach. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

As promised here are the Finding Dory Activity pages these are perfect for your upcoming holiday party I  promise you will thank me later.


Happy Halloween!



2 thoughts on “Printable Finding Dory Halloween Activities & Pumpkin Carving Instructions #FindingDoryBluray

  1. I love when you post activity pages I always run to print them. I am so excited to do the gift bags with the kids for the upcoming Halloween party on Sunday.

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