Fun Ways To Keep In Touch And Share Memories This Holiday Season

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Fun ways to keep in touch and share memories this holiday season save time and treat yourself to the budget-friendly, hassle-free holiday card set that comes with all the trimmings.

Growing up my mother always mailed out traditional holiday cards with a photo from the current school year of my siblings and I. Looking back those were great memories that my family still share today and often my aunt’s and uncle’s display old and new cards to share during the holiday season. Now that were all adults and live in different states to keep the tradition going  a fun way still keep in touch an share memories is to send out holiday photo cards.


Capture every detail of your photos in vibrant colors and crisp, clean lines. Perfect for keeping on display on the fridge or mantle. Snapfish cards are a beautiful way to share your happiness. I recommend  Snapfish for creating your holiday photo cards to send to friends and family this year. There is a variety of cards and templates to choose from when personalizing the card of your choice. Since I began to carry on my mother’s tradition of sending out holiday cards with photo’s enclosed Snapfish has been my favorite site to create holiday photo cards.


Another thing I love about Snapfish is that I can customize my envelopes I can choose my font, color, size, and holiday sentiment if I want. Photo’s can be uploaded to the card from social media platforms or your computer how convenient is that! I can have each member of the families address pre-printed so once the cards and envelopes arrive all I need to do is stamp, seal, and drop them in the mail.   Head on over and save 30% off sitewide with code COUP30 the offer expiration date: 11/30

11 thoughts on “Fun Ways To Keep In Touch And Share Memories This Holiday Season

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  2. We love doing personal gifts like this for holiday gifts for the grandparents. We always do a calendar for the grandparents of fun pictures of the kids. They love it. Also, I love making photo books for special memories.


  3. Wow! It looks like Snapfish has some really great options for holiday and Christmas cards! I love how photos can be uploaded from social media accounts…as that is where I tend to collect mine, lol! The customizable envelopes are also another really neat feature that would serve me well. Thanks for sharing the promo code! I’m off to find the perfect family photo!

    -From Gina and the team at


  4. There’s really nothing better than sending cards to loved ones to let them know that they are remembered this holiday season! I think it’s awesome that you get to take advantage of discounts as well.


  5. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to sending our Christmas cards. We get our pictures taken, I order the cards and that is about as far as I get! So bad, I know. I love that Snapfish has the option to address the envelopes–maybe that will help me! 🙂


  6. I love Snapfish. I’ve been a customer of their’s for years and years, before digital cameras! I would send in my film and get ACTUAL photos back, lol. Their holiday cards are great! It’s awesome that you can customize them so much.

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