An Exclusive Interview With McKenna Grace And My Thoughts On “Gifted” #GiftedMovie

This movie is a really great feel-good movie, and it has a happy ending. I think that it’s a really great movie and carries a great message, and the message that it carries is family, that it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs.  And you may not be blood relatives with who you stay with, or you may have one mom, or one dad, or two moms, or two dads, or a mom and a dad, or just live with your uncle like Mary does.  But at the end of the day I think that family is the people that you love and that love you and who you care about. ~McKenna Grace

After seeing the movie “Gifted” alone last week, I am excited to take my family this weekend to the film premiere in theaters. I kept thinking love wins as I watched the actors show the audience time after time no matter what here is a lesson to remember.  Gifted was heart-warming, charming, and engaging. The characters were three-dimensional, compassionate, and genuinely good-hearted. All in all young McKenna Grace stole the show leaving me in smiles. McKenna displayed Girl Power at it’s best which is presenting the gift your born with and standing proud. Seeing Chris Evans outside of a superhero costume was a unique spin.

Here are some question to consider when you think of your childhood:

Who were your villagers that helped care for you as a child?

Have you found your gift?

How do your share your gifts with others?

What have you done recently to inspire a young person?


The Exclusive Interview With McKenna Grace

McKenna, what was it like working with the cast and crew on Gifted?

Oh my goodness, I loved the crew, I loved the cast and I loved working with Chris Evans even though I couldn’t go anywhere with him because there were always ladies following him around and screaming. I loved working with Octavia because we’d always have dance parties, and I’m so thankful I got to meet and get to hang out with all those people for two months.

McKenna, what your favorite subject in school?

Math, I developed a love for math on Gifted because I grew really close to math over those two months.


In your opinion, who would be the perfect audience for this movie?

Anyone that has a heart. Anyone that has a heart, anyone that feels, and anyone that wants a feel-good movie that has a happy ending, and anybody that feels different, or alone.  We all feel different sometimes, and I feel like this is a great feel-good movie to go watch.

In the movie, your character is a genius in math, but if you had to pick a subject that you can be a genius in, what would it be?

Social Studies that would make my life a lot easier well Social Studies is hard, and sometimes it can be boring. I think that if I could be smarter at it I think that it would help me a lot in school.

How you do feel bullying should be handled?

Well, kindness, kill them with kindness. I think that no matter what, we should all be kind to one another and if you see or experience bullying, then you should tell an adult and try and fix it by telling someone or maybe saying hey, that’s not really right to do that.  I think that you should be friends with everyone that, just everyone, because if someone is alone, then you should sit next to them because you don’t know what’s happened to them in their life.  They could be looking happy or fine on the outside, but they could be really hurting on the inside.


So, as a fellow animal lover, do you have a favorite charity or cause for animals?

Best Friends, the animal thing, because there are so many—they do so many wonderful things for animals. I got to hold baby cats with them, and Best Friends, I think, is my favorite animal charity or animal rescue.  I also do love PETA.

What was it like working with Fred on set?

Oh my goodness it really wasn’t Fred his name was Bob, and he was so great. He was so soft and snuggly.  I loved to snuggle him, and he would purr and meow.  Well, that’s what all cats do, but I just love cats.  He was my best friend, and he loved treats.  They were always giving him treats, and he was just a good cat.

Can you speak a little bit about what your favorite scene shooting was and maybe why?

One of my favorite scenes to shoot, probably, even though I had a bad allergic reaction in this, it was probably whenever I got to snuggle Fred inside of the bed. That rhymed, but it really didn’t, I really did not want it to rhyme.  But there was a short-split scene in the movie, and it was where I was asleep in my bed with the cat.  I really enjoyed getting to snuggle him because he’s such a sweet cat.

This is a great film for the entire family to enjoy If your headed to the theaters over the next couple weeks I recommend seeing “Gifted” and take the family with you.

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