The Fun And Hilarious Interview With Three Stars From The Show Hollywood Darlings

Checkout the all out hilarious interview with three stars of Hollywood Darlings, Jodie Sweetin, as known from Full and Fuller House, Beverly Mitchell from Seventh Heaven and Christian Lakin of Step by Step. Hollywood Darlings turn the camera on real life friends who have a bonded of sisterhood that only they can share as former child stars.

What did you guys bring to show about yourselves, and what did you exaggerate to make the show funnier?

Jodie: Well because we play heightened versions of ourselves, we all have you know, these little kernels and- of- of- of pieces that we play and you know, uh this is Jodie talking by the way. My character is more cynical and- and dark than I am in real life. Uh, you know I have a pretty positive outlook on things and motherhood um, but you know, it was wanted to play it sort of the contrast between myself and Beverly and Christine. A fantastic piece of who I am. You know I am to poke fun at my friends with the utmost love and laugh at myself.

Christine: Yeah, I’m the ‘hippie-dippy’ one of the group, I’m a free spirit. Um, I have those qualities in real life, but we exaggerated them for the show for comedy, of course. So, I’m kind of the lovable fool, [chuckles] and- that will go out on a limb and make these two crazy in their respective ways.

Beverly: I was Type ‘A’ the ever-organized, the label-queen and the girl whose prepared for any apocalypse I would like to think that I am not as um, uptight and tightly wound as I play on the show. However, I have I just got my first manicure and pedicure in four years.


What can you tell me about that and what can viewers expect?

Christine: Yeah, this is what we call an improvised comedy, and you know, it’s a little tough to explain because there haven’t been many of them done. This show came about when Jodie, myself and Beverly were all approached by our executive producer Jimmy Foxx who wanted to put together sort of like a 90’s dream-team of women he grew up with on TV which you know, felt like he maybe had a crush. Well you know we’re friends in real life,” and that kind of’ like, blew his mind, the fact that we knew each other. So, we sort of’ started talking, and none of us was interested in reality, but we’d thought, what if we did a show where heightened our personality traits, and took kernels of our real life, and we expanded those into episode ideas and story-line ideas.

Beverly: All the scenes and everything you see I mean, we had story-lines laid out, we prepped with our show-runners before-hand you know like three or four weeks beforehand we answered a six-page questionnaire. We took all those little pieces of information and kind of’ created you know, some very rough story-lines and then within those stories, we knew kind of where we wanted to go from point A to the point. We got there, the lines, the dialogue, the interactions between all of us, I mean that was completely unscripted and totally on the fly. So, you know, everything you see in the show is us just playing and having fun uh, with a very rough outline of what we wanted to do.


How was life growing up, being on TV with Full House, Seventh Heaven and Step by Step, and how did it affect your personal life outside of being actresses?

Beverly: Well it’s- that’s always an interesting question because we don’t know what life would be like to grow up any other way. Um, so for us that is our normal, that is our everyday um, yes there were unique uh,) attributes [chuckles] to growing up in front of uh, the camera. I think we’re all very grateful for the opportunities we’ve  survived very well. I lived sheltered I didn’t get go on as many dates but to be honest would’ve even if I were in high school. I just think I was that odd girl-friend

That nobody wanted to date, until I met my husband, thank God! Thank God for college.

Christine: I went back and forth being from Atlanta I would come out to LA, and I would film a show, and I would go back to a quote, unquote, a regular high school in Atlanta. I feel like I got the best of both worlds but you know, we make fun of that in a couple of episodes cashing in on the things we never got to do with kids and trying to relive those moments. There’s a shared history to the three of us, um, because when you grow up in such unique way I think it will always bond you and it will always shape your perspective life, and I think that’s what’s so cool about our friendship.

How do you manage time having children, making sure you’re on the set, having fun still in your 30’s and things like that?

Beverly:  I think that you know, the idea of perfect balance with your work and your life and your motherhood and all of that know there is no perfect balance.  I think you always feel like you know focused on your career for one moment. So you know, you have to ask for a lot of help either your parents or you know, nannies or things like that to help with your kids.

You needed to step away from work, and you’re focusing more on your family and your children, and you know, it- there’s always something that you feel like you could be doing more. And I think that’s the pressure that you know, a lot of women put on theirs- on themselves which you know, isn’t fair. I think if you know for me it’s just kind of about, staying present in whatever it is that I’m doing and not feeling guilt when it there’s times when I must be at work. I must ask the support of family and friends to step in and help with kids I think it’s important to use that village I don’t believe that balance that word exists in parent-hood.

Jodie: I think also, you know I’m a mom of two little girls that are you know, nine and six and a half I want them to see that it is possible to be a working mom. That it’s okay to go after your dreams and your goals that are important.

Jodie: You know, that even when you have kids have a family that can still have the things and the dreams that you want I bring my kids to set and try and incorporates all of the things in my life as much as I can.

Christine: I feel like we live in an age of constant comparison, and I don’t know if it’s social media I feel like we sometimes get down on ourselves for not doing enough. Need just to know, congratulate ourselves on the things we have done. So, you get into a mode where you’re just a workaholic. I’ve got to’ get this done, I’ve got to’ do it perfectly-” and the fact of the matter is at the end of the day if you’re not enjoying your life if you don’t have any give and take.

Beverly: I think we’re in afforded a fantastic opportunity with the three of us because we’ve been so supportive of each other.

Beverly: Right. Which is wonderful and it’s nice to see women support each other and to lift each other up.

Keke: Is there a scene or episode that you all have that is your favorite?

Jodie: There’s a camping episode comes a little bit later in the season, and that is one of my favorites. We go out on this girl’s weekend trip and- and I am not into the camping at all, which is true. I’ve taken my kids camping before, but I am not exactly the outdoorsy type. I will take a pool over a camp-ground, about any day we did this and you know, Christine and I wind up getting lost, and Beverly has to find Christine and us, and I think we’re going to die and we start making all these ridiculous confessions to our cameras. The episode guest-stars Nichole Tom, and Heather Tom also is friends of ours that have grown up in this business. I’ve watched that episode, and it is one of the funniest. Most funny over-the-top, silly episodes that we did.

Keke: I really loved the um- when Soleil Moon Frye came on and we had the DIY show.

 Hollywood Darlings will premiere on Pop, Wednesday April 12th at 8pm, Eastern and Pacific Time.




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