A Special Offer For The Good Dinosaur

Beginning today, visit the Disney Screen location in Huntington Beach, CA; Woodridge, IL; Valley View, OH and Orlando, FL and look for the code word displayed on screen. Then repeat the code word to the box office attendant when purchasing a ticket to Disney•Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” and receive a free collectible poster  and voucher for a small popcorn!


Directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Denise Ream (“Cars 2”), Disney•Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” opens in theaters on Nov. 25, 2015.

Offer valid exclusively at Disney Screen participating theatres, while supplies last. Offer valid with a ticket purchase only to The Good Dinosaur. Valid 11/25/15-12/10/15.

10 thoughts on “A Special Offer For The Good Dinosaur

  1. That’s so cool. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer. I think it’s another touching film from Disney and Pixar.


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