3 Ways to Have Family Fun without Breaking the Bank

3 Ways to Have Family Fun without Breaking the Bank

You know that things like major theme parks, some museums, or local zoo’s and other family fun outings can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of people to bring along and cover the cost of dinner. Many people forgo family fun because they worry about the expense.The thing is, there are so many other options that can cost you little or no money. There’s just no reason to skip out on that family fun.

Here are three ways to have family fun without breaking the bank:

1. Create your own “Staycation”. Staycations are in more than ever before. You get the fun of a vacation but without actually going anywhere. Some people do them right in their home, or at least right in their town. You could visit local parks or trails, create a themed “getaway” in your own home like “A Weekend in Paris” or whatever place you’ve always wanted to visit. You can turn your backyard into a party oasis or haunted maze. Also check Groupon or google local family events in your area for more details with the Fall approaching there is ton of local deals for hotels and other local staycation options.

2. Create your own dinner menu with a couple of options and have a restaurant night at home. If your family is like mine then kareoke is perfect for a family night in. Don’t own a kareoke machine no worries many video gaming systems offer kareoke style or dancing type games for your enjoyment or simply use YouTube and handle it the old school way. Movie night or game night is always a winner with me. 

3. Scope out all the free events in your area. There are websites and Facebook groups devoted to this kind of thing but from small towns to big cities, everywhere seems to have plenty of things to see and do for free. There are often free movies, plays and concerts, free museums (or free days at the museum), parks and trails, holiday events, and much more. You could literally fill a calendar with all the free events that happen.

Economic Splurge Insider: If you come across any upcoming live shows check for discounts on opening night or call the venue to find out which night is family night normally tickets are extremely affordable for shows like Disney Live, Monster Jam, Marvel Live or Ringling Bros. Always free feel to email me I may have information on shows like the ones listed above. Also always check the blog I post a lot of family events national and local.

These ideas can inspire you to try them, as well as explore your own creative ideas for family fun. Is there anything you’d add to our list?

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