Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier Review

I am super obsessed with the Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier. The sleek eye catching unique design makes it the perfect gift for him this holiday season. 

This dapper beverage briefcase has everything you and your beer needs to stay protected. Crafted from durable aluminum and steel materials, it also features heavy duty foam inserts for your standard sized bottles. With the ability to set the included locks to your own personal combination you can rest assured that no one will be infiltrating your prized beer collection. This beer case measures approximately 18″x12″x3″.

An awesome beer accessories and a beverage lovers dream gift. The Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier comes in handy when  tailgating with friends outdoor, or at home enjoying a cold beer for friends.

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The Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier can be purchased at Let’s go behind the scenes and checkout some of the amazing items they offer perfect for the man cave or bar area in your home.



17 thoughts on “Secret Agent Briefcase Beer Carrier Review

  1. Hey this a sharp case I would love to get one since we tailgate during football season every Sunday as long as there is a game no more than four hours away. I looked for something like this last year, but gave up.

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  2. I just left the website and I am about to spend crazy on some items for the man cave. I am digging this case though and they got a cyber deal going on I am all over this.

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  3. Ok this is nice I think I figured out what I want for Christmas. I have never heard of this website, but I am glad you posted a review because they got some unique stuff I can put downstairs.

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