Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean Honest Review

Far from your traditional vacuum cleaner I am beyond excited to have officially joined clean evolution. I couldn’t agree more that the Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean is called “Complete” for a reason. Crevice cleaning, edge cleaning, large particle pick-up with no snowplowing, stuck-on dust removal the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean does it all, at a fraction of the weight and cost of Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor. My carpet and floors have never looked this clean with just using one cleaning system. I can never settle for another device now that I know something so amazing exist. 

The Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean produces twice the power I have never owned a vacuum like this OMG the double brushes simply amazing! The versatility has allowed me to cut my cleaning time in half hard to reach spots are no longer a problem the LED lights which are a hit in my book. I can also save a little money with the washable filters. The swivel steering makes it easier to get underneath my kitchen chairs and living room furniture something I was unable to do with my old device. The maintenance after cleaning is very simple and easily accessible without dumping dirt all over floor. I love that I can convert the Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean into a handheld vacuum. Perfect for cleaning under the couch cushions, stairs, underneath the seats of the car and so much more. 


Items Included:

12-inch crevice tool
Upholstery tool
Dusting brush
Under appliance wand
On-board tool clip
Wall mount


Debris is easily removed from floors and carpets, removing small, large, and stuck-on particles. On carpet, the self-cleaning soft velvet brushroll pulls in high piles and large particles, while the deep-cleaning bristle brush removes embedded fine dirt. On bare floors, direct engagement with a soft brushroll removes stuck-on dust, fine dust, and large particles, which are accelerated into the high-velocity suction channel by the bristle brush. 

Hands down I am super impressed the Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean  vacuum has so many features I can go on and on, but I suggest you head on over to Shark Clean for more details and to purchase your own. I recommend the Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean as a must have. A great gift for yourself or someone else.


5 thoughts on “Shark Rocket Complete Duo Clean Honest Review

  1. Wow I am super glad I recently started following you. I love youe site and the reviews are very helpful. I am in the market for a new vacuum and the Shark is on my list to research. Your post just made my decision a lot easier. I look forward to more reviews thanks Queen Thrifty I hope my order arrives before Saturday ordering now I am stoked there was a discount to save a little cash.

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  2. Wow technology has really changed thanks for posting the videos and your feedback on the product I am in the market for a new vacuum based on the comparison to the Dyson makes it all easier to decide.


  3. Queen Thrifty I purchased a Shark Rocket last month OMG I love it and recommend it to everyone shopping for a new cleaning tool for the house!!! Shark thought of everything best product ever.

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