The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Presents “The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve” 2016 #TSO

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Presents “The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve” The Best of TSO 


The Ghost of Christmas Eve was originally produced as a TV movie for Fox Family in 1999, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve is a story about a runaway who breaks into an abandoned vaudeville theater on Christmas Eve. This show is by far one the best performance in live theater I have ever experienced. 

TSO’s annual Christmas tours started nearly 20 years ago and are known for their extravagant lighting and pyrotechnic displays.TSO has two shows per day in separate cities the orchestra splits up to meet the demands of their fans. One performs on the west coast while the other is performing on the east coast. 

For tour dates and ticket prices please visit please note tickets do not go on sale until September 16th.

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