Let’s Talk About Alex Inc. ABC’s New Comedy Series Premiering Tonight #AlexInc #ABCTvEvent

I recently had the chance to hear all the amazing deals regarding ABC’s new comedy series Alex Inc. No worries I won’t share any spoilers from the pilot had the chance to watch, but I will say this it was all out hilarious. Let’s dive into the interview with Writer and Producer Matt Tarses, Actress Tiya Sircar, and Director and Executive Producer Matt Braff.  Wait make sure you catch the premiere… 

Based on Alex Blumberg’s successful podcast “StartUp,” comedy series Alex, Inc. is all about the things that happen – the good, the bad and the ugly – when a journalist and family man quits his job to start his own company. He quickly discovers it’s going to be a lot harder than he thought.

 Alex Schuman (Zach Braff) is a successful radio producer with a whip-smart, public defender wife, Tiya Sircar (aka “Rooni”)and two confident, quirky children, Ben (Elisha Henig) and Soraya (Audyssie James). After years of making the kind of content that brings no creative fulfillment, in what most would consider an early mid-life crisis, Alex decides to risk everything – including his savings – to start his own business. Armed only with the help of his overenthusiastic producer, Deirdre (Hillary Anne Matthews), and his fast-talking, unemployed second cousin, Eddie (Michael Imperioli), Alex navigates the crazy world of start-ups while trying to keep his marriage and family a priority.


Creating The Show

I met with the Producer John Davis and he said you gotta hear this podcast. He said it’s the best podcast he has heard in a long time, everyone’s talking about it. We want to turn it into a family comedy. On my drive home from the meeting, I listened to like two episodes and then went into my kept listening. The podcast is called Startup, and I just found it fascinating. And I thought it would be a great TV show. I said to them I’m in if you can get my friend, Matt Tarses, who was one of my favorite writers on Scrubs, to write it.– Zach Braff 

He won’t say this, but he’s, you know, not as young as he was when he played that J.D. character on Scrubs. And the idea that this was a story about a guy with a family doing this thing that was sort of hard to do even if he didn’t have a family, it’s that much harder with a family plus, you have that much support on the other side of it. It was something that appealed to him. Yeah, so it all sort of emerged organically.-Matt Tarses


Inspiration Behind The Show

I’m an uncle and I have a lot of god-children and one thing that kept coming up is that even though there’s so much great TV out now there’s not a ton that we all wanna watch together. We all love these shows that you can’t watch with your kids and your kids all have the shows that they love to watch.The theme that kept coming up as the producer in me with the little lightbulb went after dinner before we put our kids down is that there’s not a ton of content that we all wanna watch together. I actually was dating a woman for a bit who had a nine-year-old and I experienced that. I was like he wants to go watch his shows. We don’t wanna watch that. So that was another thing in my head, it feels like to me like that’s an area where there’s more content. Obviously ABC’s great at it with Blackish and Modern Family and stuff like that. So, I felt like a great space to do it.- Zach Braff


Personal Ties With Tiya Sircar And The Show

“It was originally written, she was Persian-American as the woman who she’s based on is in real life. When I got this job I thought oh, Hollywood. Guys, I can’t play a Persian-American, but these guys were like let’s change her and let’s make her you. Then the more we all got to know each other they had me come in and meet the writers. We had this two-hour conversation about my upbringing in Texas and my parents’ upbringing in Calcutta. When they (Tiya parents) came over as grad students and their experience as Indian immigrants and we just talked for a long time.  Then slowly this character evolved from who she was on paper too so closely related to who I am in real life which I have never gotten to play before. Tiya Sircar

 See the trailer below and watch the premiere WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th at 8:30|7:30c on ABC!



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