Design & Create Your Style Of Invitations With Basic Invite Without Blowing Your Event Budget

Designing the perfect marriage invitation and selecting custom RSVP cards shouldn’t be a hassle when planning for your momentous day. Basic Invite made sharing my wedding details was a breeze.  With a beautiful selection of customized invitations for your bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, and other events leading up to your special day. Basic Invite has invitations that will appeal to everyone’s expectations. 

 Specials thanks to Basic Invite for providing my wedding invitation in exchange for an honest post.


Before ordering my luxury wedding invitations I want to see what they would look and feel like. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that customers have the ability to a print a sample of their actual invitation. You can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before ever having to place their final. This made the purchasing process easier for us I didn’t have to worry about the quality of the invitation we were planning to send out to our guest. 

I fell in love with the new clear collection, the option to add rose gold to the foil style invitations, and the foil place cards! Unfortunately, with our wedding being a destination ceremony we decided to stick with a specific theme in mind.

Clear Invitations 1

Basic Invite also offers over 180 color options so that you can design your card exactly how you want it and down to the smallest of details. This was a huge draw for me I want my invitations to be close as possible to my wedding colors.  

Colorful 7

When it came envelopes, I was stoked and indecisive with the option to choose from 40 different colors. Having this option makes your invitation stand out even before it is opened. All of the envelopes are peel and seal so they can be secured easily and closed. Another perk was the option to print addresses on all envelopes. Storing emails is also free collection service offered by Basic Invite.  

Still shopping for your custom guestbook then look no further. Basic Invite has Keepsake Guest Books that can personalize guest books are the perfect addition to your wedding day and fit for an ideal theme.


If you prefer to send your invitation and RSVP card all in one the brand-new Seal-and-Sends make planning your perfect wedding simpler than ever. The cards include both the invitation itself and a tear-away RSVP section at the bottom (that print with your return address included). As the name suggests, you simply fold each card into the outlined shape.Then secure them with one of our beautiful matching Seal-and-Send Seals and place them in the mail: there’s no need for an envelope, and with dimensions of 6”x 7” when folded they wouldn’t even fit in one! For ultimate convenience, the addresses of your loved ones are printed directly on the cards themselves, which means that you only need to provide standard postage (but be aware: a postcard stamp will not work, as our Seal-and-Sends are too large for that.). Choosing this option can also spare you a little cash. 

Basic Invite offers a wide selection of luxury invitations all leading up to your special day. Design and customize your own wedding invites that will leave guest talking for days to come. You can also grab your thank you cards or create invites for a baby shower. Now head on over and create your custom style instant. 

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20 thoughts on “Design & Create Your Style Of Invitations With Basic Invite Without Blowing Your Event Budget

  1. I love the clear invites and the keepsake guestbook I’m going to order both for my daughter she’s getting married soon thanks for sending the coupon for 15% off.


  2. Hey, I just saw your post on Twitter I’m headed to check out their site I love the all in one idea we need to order Save the Dates soon.


  3. I created baby shower invites earlier today I’m waiting for the sample to print. Thank for sharing your post on Pinterest.


  4. I think I commented a few times since I didn’t see it appear but remember you have to approve comments. Anyhow, I would love to order brochures and items from the business section and will later order the cards for my bridesmaids. I love this site!!!!!


  5. Sounds like a great way to have your invitations made without hassle. I also love the designs and the fact that you can print a sample so you’ll know it’s going to be perfect.


  6. Love this idea, these look gorgeous. The designs are all so pretty, especially love the clear ones. These would be great for an upcoming party at my friends place, I will share with her.


  7. Wow! These look amazing! I am absolutely in love with the simplistic, clean, but elegant look they have – especially LOVING the clear line! I’m not married, nor getting married yet, but when the day comes I will definitely be looking these up again! Thanks so much! Bookmarking for sure!


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