Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party! Was A Rocking Good Time

We recently attended the Sesame Street Live: Let’s Party was fun for the entire family especially Chloe. Having the chance to tour the on-stage neighborhood along with our favorite furry friends during the pre-show was a blast. 

Just left the merchandise and concession stand now off to our seats.

The fun didn’t stop there we participated in a variety of interactive activities.  The children were given the opportunity to create, discover, and learn as they help decorate for the upcoming party featured in Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!  Some of their artwork was later displayed onstage during the show. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome. 


Once the show kicked off we had a wonderful time Chloe and Xzavier were so excited. The kids focused their attention on the entire show. We sang loud and danced uncontrollably the Wolstein Center was filled with joy. It was so awesome seeing the folks around us enjoying the show and having a good time with their families. The show was amazing so when it comes to a city near you make sure you take your children.



Sesame Street Live_Approved Logo_RGB Color-SP


This is the first year that Sesame Street Live has been part of the Wolstein Center portfolio. The all-new show has been completely revamped and is so much fun! Jump to the beat with your friends on Sesame Street! Introducing an all-new, interactive show that unfolds on one of the world’s most famous streets at the funniest, furriest party in the neighborhood… get ready for Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!  The show is headed to Columbus, Ohio click here for more details and enjoy.





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