DIY Keepsake Bridal Bouquet: Sola Wood Flowers Part 2 #WeddingWednesday

Did you know 30% of your wedding budget is spent on labor cost? Creating your own bouquet could potentially save you a lot of money flowers are very expensive With Sola Wood Flowers little practice and the supplies at your fingertips a picture-perfect DIY bridal bouquet is a perfect idea!


For the Bridal Bouquet, you get the following:




You can opt to have the flowers dyed by Sola Wood Flowers or you can decide to do it yourself. If you choose to have Sola Wood Flowers do it for you choose from a selection of colors featured on the site. Custom colors are not available at this tkoo time working on it.


A tutorial for this kit is available on the websites tutorial page and their Facebook page under the video’s tab. I used the tutorial to create my beautiful bouquet a few steps you can skip over Sola Wood Flowers has made a lot of things easier by sending the box with a few steps already complete.

Sola Wood Flowers, they have a number of DIY crafts and can be used to make wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, home decor, holiday wreaths, centerpieces just to name a few.


Other DIY Projects With Sola Wood Flowers:

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