An Epic Performance 2x Grammy 4x Platinum Hip Hop Group Arrested Development’s

Last night Arrested Development rocked the House of Blues Cleveland performing hit singles like People Everyday, Tennessee, Mr. Wendel, and Revolution just to name a few. The concert was lit from beginning to end leaving the crowd lifted in positive vibes. Perception is key when listening to lyrical rhythms, song verses, ad libs, and the ballads behind the music. Arrested Development slapped the charts back in the 90’s delivery nothing but feel good you can jam to as it blares through the speakers.  It was great to see folks smiling and having a wonderful time.

I had the chance to chat with “Speech” his passion for music shined which is why I am hoping the group decides to book more tours. In the near future, it would be great to see them appear on the BET Awards, Funk Fest, Cincinnati Jazz Festival, just to name a few. 

Please connect with the group directly:

I caught up with a few friends from the show we all had a blast! Keep an eye for more articles on Arrested Development they’re just getting started. 


From The Left Speech, Queen Thrifty, King Thrifty, Tasha, Fareedah 


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