bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum Review

Thank goodness we have Bobi the bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum. After cleaning most of the house like a mad woman I’m exhausted when it’s time to clean the floors. Not anymore folks Bobbi cleans the floors while I straighten up each room leaving them spotless cleaning hard-to-reach areas. We let bObi Pet handle all the messy details.

Sleek. Strong. Stylish. An inspurration



Inside the Box

​bObi blOck, FullCommand Remote Control, Charging Station, Charging Adapter, Main Brushes (2), Rubber Sweeper, Side Brushes (2), Mini-Mop Attachment, Mopping Cloths (2), Filters (2), Screwdriver, Cleaning Tool, Pack of Screws, Syncing Tool, Blindfold Stickers, Owner’s Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.

Colors: Silver, Scarlet, Mint*, Peach* *Limited edition color


Bobi bObsweep bObi Pet Robot Vacuum is officially apart of our family he takes care of the floors while were at work. That’s right the bObi Pet runs on a programmable schedule and is energy star certified. When the chores are done or the battery is low bObi Pet heads back to the harging station for recharging. No bag needed attached is a tray that super easy to keep clean saving you money on purchasing bags.  My allergies usually flair up when we’re cumming the house no issues when bObi Pet is breezing through the house. We love our bObi Pet Robot Vacuum!

Why I Love bObi Pet:

  • Compatible With All Floors

  • The Filters Are Washable 

  • Auto Room-By-Room Navigation

  • No Assembly Required

  • The Buttons Are Illuminated And Touchscreen Along With 80 Touch Sensors

  • bObi blOck Projects Digital Barriers To Keep bObi Out Of Cluttered Areas.

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates simultaneously

There’s a bObsweep for everybody find the bot for you. When you need a clean getaway, bObi’s your partner in grime. bObi Pet comes with a standard 2-year warranty on the battery, non-consumable parts, and labor. Includes a 5-year subsidized warranty and a lifetime of customer service. 


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