Three Board Games My Friends Are Raving About

Board games can be expensive so I was determined to find three games my friend would rave about without breaking my bank account. Operation “Gatlinburg Game Night” was in full swing checkout what I came up with.

Fake News – Score points for the most hilariously believable headlines because everything else is just FAKE NEWS! May the best headline win and guess what the guys were all in going head to head. (Available at Walmart for $20).


Game of Phones – Have mad smartphone skills? Put them to the test with this fun game. This was perfect for girls night. (Available at Walmart for $20).

Mixtape – Tell the story of your life through a soundtrack. Mixtape tasks players with finding the perfect tune to orchestrate past, present, and future memories from their first kiss to the moment NASA asks them to pilot the maiden voyage to Mars. Fourteen of us crowded in one room to play this game and the night was filled with fun and laughter. (Available at Target for $20).

I realized long time ago you never get too old to have fun. It’s important to take sometime away and enjoy the people in your life. As a kid I loved playing board games I use to collect them until I ran out of space and life got busy. Sitting down with friends with no interruptions sometimes feel impossible everyone has different schedules and many of live in different states. But playing games with when we do get together is the perfect way to spend time with a few cocktails as the night flies by.






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