The DogHouse Is Open: First Ever Craft Beer Hotel

Columbus, Ohio is the heart of BuckeyeNation and now the home of the first ever highly anticipated craft beer hotel, the DogHouse! The DogHouse opened on 8/27 after a full weekend of concerts and events leading up to the big day.

Check out the details:

Located at the site of its US brewery in Columbus, Ohio, the DogHouse is the world’s first hotel to offer guests a night’s stay inside a brewery. Guests will be able to watch the brewers at work from rooms overlooking the state-of-the-art brewing facility. The 32-room DogHouse will feature beer taps in each room and a built-in shower beer fridge amongst many other features that make for the ultimate immersive beer utopia. 

  • In addition to the ultimate craft beer escape, BrewDog USA has also unveiled its on-site, interactive beer museum.

  • This 6,000 sq ft space provides a journey through the brewing process, a deep dive into the history of craft beer, and a hands-on experience of ‘the fundamental four’ ingredients that contribute to the creation of a craft beer. 

  • BrewDog first announced plans for the DogHouse in March 2017, with a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising $75,000 over 30 days for its construction.

  • The campaign launched to huge success, raising $160K in under a week from over 1,000 backers; an impressive $2,083 per hour.

  • As a result of the unprecedented demand, BrewDog introduced a stretch goal of $200K, and went on to secure over $300K for the hotel, four times the original goal.


  • Those who backed the campaign have had first access to room reservations, and more than 500 nights have already been pre-booked by the craft beer community.

  • The DogHouse is an immersive craft beer experience with next-generation hotel features that begin at the door.

  • The front desk has been replaced with a lobby bartender who will check guests in while they enjoy a complimentary beer.

  • The DogHouse features 32 guest rooms, including a 645-square-foot Brewmaster suite and a 460-square-foot Punk suite.

  • Located next to the main lobby, four of the rooms are dog-friendly with easy access to the hotel’s dog park.

  • Each room features a fully stocked beer fridge boasting BrewDog’s headliner craft beers, seasonal brews and guest favourites hand-picked from co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, accompanied by an en-suite bathroom featuring a built-in shower beer fridge.

  • In addition to the built-in beer fridges, the 32 rooms will boast beer taps via a personal keg bar that will be activated as soon as guests purchase a growler of their favourite BrewDog brew at any time during their stay.


  • The DogHouse also boasts common areas for guests to relax, including the hotel media room where beer fans can watch the Scottish brewer’s TV show, Brew Dogs, and enjoy a game of ping (or beer) pong, or savor the sites of the brewery from the extensive front patio.  

  • Proud of its Central Ohio beginnings, BrewDog USA supports and represents fellow Central Ohio businesses through The DogHouse.

  • In addition to the hotel, BrewDog is expanding its brewery to include an all-new, state-of-the-art sour beer facility set to open in late 2018.

  • Reservations to BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel can be made at

  • Construction is currently underway for BrewDog’s second DogHouse hotel at the brewery’s headquarters in Ellon, Scotland.

  • Scheduled to welcome guests in 2019, the hotel will be built on a 3.25-acre site adjacent to BrewDog’s current 1 million hl brewery.

  • As well as a hotel construction, the site will see the expansion of BrewDog’s brewery to include a 300 hl brewhouse and a canning and packaging hall.

More details to come after my walk through this upcoming Friday I can’t wait to share! Congratulations Brewdog on making history.


Photo’s Courtesy of BrewDog

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