GoWise 2-In-1 Grill And Smokless Indoor Electric Griddle Product Review

It rained on July 4th and I was determined to experience the taste of grilled salmon. With the rain I had to find an alternative so I pulled out my new 2-In-1 Grill And Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill and Griddle.

Disclosure: GoWiseUSA provided this complimentary product for review purposes. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own.

Living in the mid-west we now have an option to grill indoor year round. The GoWise USA Smokeless Grill has a 17 inch cooking surface perfect for preparing a meal for us and a few guest. At 21. 5-Inch x 14-inch, the grilled low profile makes it easy to store when you’re done. One of my favorite features is that the surface is non-stick so my food will slide right off the grill.

What’s Included:

  • Non-stick grill and griddle plates

  • A removable grill and griddle plates

  • Drip tray (easy to remove and dishwasher safe)

  • Built-in fan that eliminates smoke

  • 20 Recipes and a operating manual

The grill is designed and engineered to reduce smoke. It heats up pretty fast, but the max temperature is 482’F you can control the heat temperature so your food is prepared the way you like it. The salmon my husband prepared came out perfect. I look forward to using the GoWise USA Smokless Grill to prepare meats, veggies, breakfast, and who knows what else we’ll try. Grill cheese and burgers are at the top of the list. I love the versatility I can wait to take with us on a road trip.

The rack was easy to clear I just used cloth and dishwater. I dried it and immediately place the unit in a cabinet I could easily access. To purchase a GoWise USA Smokless Grill please visit https://www.gowiseproducts.com/products/2-in-1-smokeless-electric-indoor-bbq-grill-and-griddle-w-built-in-fan-and-non-stick-cooking-surface

About GoWise USA

GoWISE USA is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Our goal is to offer products that help make your life easier and healthier. We began by introducing Pressure Cookers here in the USA. Now we offer Air Fryers, Bathroom Scales and even Blood Pressure Monitors. GoWISE USA products are ETL certified and FDA approved.

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