The Flavored Nation Tour Returns To Columbus

GateHouse Live Events & Promotions, media partner, Dispatch Media Group and
premier partner, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, have teamed up to bring Flavored Nation back to Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25. Flavored Nation showcases the most iconic food dishes for all 50 states at a one-of-a-kind event. Each dish will be available for tasting, and there will be demonstrations and entertainment, as well as local vendors and artisans. The event is open to ticket
holders from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Along with the favorite dishes from 2018, new food selections have been added, including tomato pie from Alabama, stuffed quahogs from Rhode Island and buffalo chili from Wyoming, just to name a few.

Each state’s iconic dish is available to view at While experiencing these classic state dishes, guests can also watch and learn the top chefs from across the country as they prepare their state’s beloved dish. “We started this event as a way to bring foodies together where the public could experience classic, beloved and special dishes from all over the country. It was such a hit, we knew we had to bring it back,” said Lyndsi Lane, Vice President of GateHouse Live. “Those who came last year will find plenty of new taste experiences to delight, entertain and educate. The vast culinary experience that is available throughout America will truly be on display at this two-day event.”

Tickets include a one-day access pass to the event, plus 10 food samples and six drink samples. “The Dispatch Media Group is thrilled to partner with GateHouse Live to give the community and Ohio this one-of-a-kind and innovative food event,” said Stephen Zonars, VP. “People who attend Dispatch events, like the Home & Garden Show and Weddings Shows, have told us that if we created a new event it should be about food, and be unique. This food event is unlike any other. Come hungry and get excited about tasting foods that make up the tapestry of America — one state and one chef at a time.”

Cameron Mitchell Premier Events will support the event by overseeing the food procurement and management that is needed to assure that each of the 50 chefs has the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare and serve their dish to guests.

“One of the unique advantages of Flavored Nation is that it provides access to other state and regional dishes, spurring culinary discoveries while highlighting talented chefs from Columbus and beyond,” said Melissa Johnson, managing director of Cameron Mitchell Premier Events. “This is a quality event that has great opportunity to continue to grow year over year. It is important for us to support the culinary industry locally and nationally, and guests will love trying all the mouth-watering creations.” CMPE also will provide insight on demonstrations in the culinary arts that will appeal to guests – ideas such as a chef knife skills challenge, butchering demonstration and others are in the works.

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