Cooluli Mini-fridge Is A Must Have

Having a mini fridge comes with many benefits especially when space is limited. I recently fell in love with Cooluli Portable Thermoelectric Cooling and Warming Systems. The Cooluli is a must have!

On game day and throughout the year in p]our home and often need a additional space to store prepared food or extra beverages. The Cooluli creates a muchp0 needed convenience by not only cooling beverages, but also keeping food warm with the touch of a button. Well it takes about 30 minutes, but still pretty good timing.

My husband and I were in the market for something that’s easy to transport rare do you find a mini-fridge with handles. We also want to make sure the temperature gauge was readily visible. The Cooluli has recessed handle on the side and a digital display of the temperature on the top front center. The overall design is pretty sleek, but simple.

The 20L Cooluli weigh 13lbs and the temperature can be adjusted to 40F below consuming very little energy. The warming temperature can be adjusted as high as 140F. With the dimensions it was still pretty easy to store in an office, mancave, or dorm. The Cooluli runs quietly and efficiently.

Finding a mini-fridge that’s versatile and has the ability to store anything from beer and wine cooler, food, snacks, drinks, or medications if needed was at the top of my list. The mini-fridge would also need to be safe and environmentally friendly. Using no compressors, cryogen, refrigerants, or Freon. The Cooluli doesn’t use any of the harmful elements. Cooluli uses thermoelectric to cool and warm food. The Cooluli is like gold and manufactured right here in the United States based out of Brooklyn, NY.

The Cooluli makes the perfect gift idea an awesome addition to the man-cave. The Cooluli is easy to transport, requires very little space, can be used when tailgating with the dual power sources, it uses thermoelectric technology no harmful elements to heat or cool, and most importantly it’s environmentally friendly.

Visit to check out the selection and order yours today.

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