Pumpkin Pie Punch Mocktail or Cocktail Recipe

With Fall just around the corner it’s time to start preparing some fun themed cocktails and mocktails. The Pumpkin Pie Punch is one of my favorites I know you’ll enjoy it. It’s perfect for game day or holiday gatherings.


1 cup pumpkin (canned is fine)
2 cups cream soda
2 cups spiced apple cider
1/2 cup rum (remove for mocktail)
whipped topping for topping
pumpkin spice for topping


Place pumpkin in a bowl. Add spiced apple cider and whisk well.

Add cream soda and rum (remove for rum for mocktail). Stir lightly and pour into a glass.

Top glass with whipped topping and pumpkin pie spice.

Notes: Cold ingredients work best for this drink. However if you would like to heat it, do that before adding the soda. Add soda at the end.

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