The Genesis Hydration System & Why Drinking Water Is Important

The Genesis hydration system water bottle is one of my favorite.

Staying hydrated is much easy than before. Here’s four reasons why I love the Genesis along with four reasons we should all do our best to stay hydrated.

Why I love the Genesis Water Bottle

-2-in-1 lid – sip or chug
Push-button lid is watertight but easy to open
-Built-in handle attaches to chug cap to prevent loss
-Bottle has easy-grip grooves for drinking
I love it!!!

Why is it important to drink water here are four important facts to remember:

-Everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day.

-Drinking water flushes toxins from your body.

-Drinking water helps keep your skin moist.

-Staying hydrated can have a positive impact on losing weight.

While working out I fill up my 24 oz. Genesis plastic water bottle at least twice during the hour and 3 times during Hot Yoga. Having it on hand is much more convenient than dragging plastic water bottles like I’ve done in the past.

I also have the stainless steel 24oz. Genesis. I love the vacuum insulation that keeps your drinks cold for longer, and prevents condensation from forming. I often have meetings that last hours and occur back to back so having the stainless steel Genesis save me time in between meetings so I don’t have to run and grab ice. We usually have coolers around the building, but I prefer ice cold water.

If your looking for a water bottle that’s BPA safe and very versatile the Genesis is for you.

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